Summary: An eight minute message for a Wedding Ceremony.

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Grace and peace to you the name of the Lord and Savior, .....Jesus Christ. (Pause)

It is a true joy be here with _______ and be a part of .....this glorious day.

To be surrounded by family and friends ...... those who care deeply .....for both of you.

I considered it ....a true privilege ....when you asked me ...if I would officiate your wedding ceremony.

You truly honored me .....and I will never ....forget this day.

After the service today, ....I sign this piece of paper (Hold up Marriage License).

This is your marriage certificate.

It was given to you by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Everyone who has been married in the Commonwealth .....has one of these.

Some folks have it a nice frame, hanging on a wall ....somewhere in their home.

Some might have it in a lock box.... with other important documents .... to keep it safe.

I want to tell you a secret; .... just between the three of us ... Regardless of what you do.... with this piece of paper,

It is just a piece of paper.

This piece of paper is not a marriage. (Put Certificate down)

In fact, ....everything we are doing today..... is not a marriage.

Now don't get me wrong, .....this is a glorious day.

It is wonderful be in this place, ....with all these people, ....witnessing your vows..... to one another.

But as wonderful as it is to be here, ..... do not be confused: ......this is a marriage ceremony ..... and a wedding, is not .....a marriage.

What makes a marriage what follows this day.

What makes a marriage what you do tomorrow, ....and the next day, .... the following weeks... months .....and years. (Long Pause)

Jesus shares these words with us:

BIBLE "No one has a greater love than this,.... to lay down one's life ....for one's friends." END

_______.... _______... Most likely will never be asked give up your life .....for each other.

But, will be required..... to give up yourself ....for each other.

Marriage is not a piece of paper, is a gift.

_______, will give yourself _______.

And _______ you will give yourself... to _______.

You will give rings to each other as a symbol of this giving .... as a symbol of your solemn vow....before us .....and before God.

You will give yourself ...body..soul ..and each other .... As a gift... far more precious than the rings you exchange.

Marriage is a gift, ..... it is a gift of yourself, ..... it is a gift ....of your life.

And it is not ...........just for today.

It is for everyday ..... from this day forward.

You must constantly give yourselves one another..... That is a marriage.

It means letting go of petty things .... Like who is right ....and who is wrong.

It means putting your spouse -- their wants, their desires ... their happiness -- ahead of your own.

It means, _______, ....that _______'s happiness is ...... (Pause) more important than yours.

And _______ it means, .....before you smile about that too much, ......That _______'s happiness is more important ....than yours. That is a marriage.

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Miguel Ten

commented on Sep 23, 2014

This was excellent!!! I read it with joy and will use most of not all of blessed Pastor Jeffrey Smead.

J Jeffrey Smead

commented on Sep 23, 2014

Thank-you I enjoyed giving this message. Blessings Always. Jeff

Alexier Mayes

commented on Aug 25, 2015

Thanks so much for this, it's exactly the right length and says so much about married life together after the big day!

J Jeffrey Smead

commented on Aug 25, 2015

Thank you for your kind words and for taking time to post. May our Lord richly Bless You. Your Brother In The Faith Jeff

True Neilson

commented on Mar 17, 2016

Love this message. Thanks!

J Jeffrey Smead

commented on Mar 17, 2016

Thank-you for taking time to comment. I use this as the basis for most of the Wedding Homily's. Blessings in Christ. Jeff

Alan Jones

commented on Apr 8, 2016

Excellent, thanks for sharing. Blessings.

J Jeffrey Smead

commented on Apr 8, 2016

Thank-you for taking time to share. I hope it was helpful. Blessings in Christ Jeff

Priyakumar Gabriel

commented on May 18, 2016

Mssages are too good, practical teachings. This generation needs true, facts to be learned and put to practices. May God bless your ministry and use you for His kingdom and glory. I enjoyed reading your messages.

J Jeffrey Smead

commented on May 20, 2016

Thank-you for your blessing and taking time to leave a message. We need to share the truth of the Good News to all that God places in our lives. We are Blessed to be a blessing. Jeff

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