Summary: The Benefets of Jacob’s Well

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A “Well” of an Experience

John 4:6-9

1. The Well of Materialism

Genesis 24

• The servant of Abraham had been sent back to Moses’ country to find Isaac a wife not of the Canaanites

• The servant took 10 camels and many material things to “purchase” a wife

• He came to a well; and decided whoever would water not only him but the camels also, that would be the one sent by God

• He prayed; before he was finished, God answered his prayer with Rebekah

• When they returned to her house her brother Laban came out to meet them

• Vs 30 The first thing he saw was the jewelry his sister had been given

• Vs 35 The servant told Laban of the riches of his master Abraham

• Vs 50-51 Laban and Bethuel her other brother were quick to give Rebekah away

• Vs 53

2. The Well of Love

• Jacob had just stolen the blessing from Esau and was sent to Padan-aram to find a wife

• Jacob had left Bethel (the place of God) and come into Haran

• Jacob met a woman named Rachael, his cousin and fell instantly in love with her, so much so that he kissed her right off the bat

• Laban had two daughters; Rachael and Leah

• Jacob fell in love with Rachael

• So much that he volunteered to work seven years for her

• The seven years went as a few days because of Jacob’s love for her

• Laban fooled Jacob and gave him Leah to marry; saying that it was not custom to marry the younger before the older

• Jacob was still in love with Rachael and offered another seven years of work for her.

• Jacob ended up working another six years for his father-in-law which ended up being 20 years since he had seen his family

• During this time his mother Rebekah had died

• From Leah, Rachael and two concubines the twelve tribes of Israel would be born

3. The Well of Escape

Exodus 2:15

• Moses was running from Pharaoh for killing an Egyptian

• Moses went to the well in Midian

• This is where he helped the daughters of the priest of Midian

• Because he was so helpful to them Jethro gave his daughter Zipporah to be Moses’ wife

• It was in Midian that God called Moses to lead the children of Israel in their Exodus

4. The Well of Everlasting Life

John 4:10-14

• Once we drink of the water Jesus has to offer we shall never thirst again

John 5:24 “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.”

John 3:16

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