Summary: This just a basic sermon on the description of our final eternal home.

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A Whole New World

Rev. 21:1-4

I. The descent of the New Jerusalem

A. The present Heaven and Earth will pass away. (v. 1)

B. It’s decent will be a thing of beauty (v. 2)

C. It’s decent will be announced (v. 3a)

II. A Description of New Jerusalem

A. It will be a city of “ no mores”

1. No more separation from God (v. 3)

2. No more tears or crying (v.4)

3. No more sorrow and pain (v. 4)

4. No more death (v4)

5. No more wants (v.6-7)

6. No more sin (v.8)

B. It will be a perfect city

1. It will be that city that Abraham was look for (Hebrews 11:10)

2. It is perfect because Jesus is the architect. (John 14:3)

3. It is a perfectly symmetrically, that is it is equal on all sides. (v. 15-16)

III. The Contents of the New Jerusalem

A. It will shine with the glory of God (v. 23 &22:5)

B. The walls are jasper and the streets are of pure gold (18)

C. The gates will be of pearl and the foundation will be of precious stones (v. 19-21)

D. There will be no temple because we will be in the very presence of a Holy God. (v. 22)

E. There will be a river of pure water coming out of the throne of God (22:1)

F. We will eat of the tree of life that grows there (22:2)

IV. The Activity of the New Jerusalem (22:3-5)

A. Only those that are saved will be there (21:8; 24; 27)

B. We shall see His face and bear His name (22:4)

C. We will be there forever and ever (22: 5)

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Rev. Baldemar Barrera

commented on Nov 3, 2006


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