In Acts 9:36-43 the Bible refers to a woman by the name of Dorcas. The name literally means, "a gazelle", which of course is the female of a roebuck. She has the distinction of being the first Greek female mentioned in the New Testament. She was a resident of the seaport city of Joppa, located on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. Whether she was a mother or not, there are some things she had in her life that every mother and or single woman needs in her life even today. The generation in which we live is experiencing a shortage of the right kind of women. For any society to be what is should there must be good women who will see to the needs of others more than their own.

I. Her Identification- She is called a "certain disciple" (Acts 9:36). Through the Evangelist Phillip, a church had been established at Joppa. Dorcas probably came to know Christ because of the ministry of the Spirit filled man called Phillip. She did not hesitate or shrink to be identified as a believer. Ladies, today you should not be ashamed to call yourself a Christian, if you have been born from above. Read the sobering words that flowed from the lips of Jesus in Mark 8:38.

II. Her Operations- There was nothing lazy about the woman Dorcas. After she was saved, she began to find ways to serve the Lord Jesus Christ with her money and her sewing ability. She was willing to help relieve the poor and make life easier for the widows who lived around her. Acts 9:36 says Dorcas was, "full of good works." She believed that whatever she gave for the Lord would be rewarding in this life and also in the life to come (Matt.10:42). Her doings show her wisdom She both worked and was wise. Dorcas had to be a very happy woman. She had to be woman of means to serve others so generously.

III. Her Separation- One day Dorcas died. It was a shock to her church, since she had left such a distinguishable mark for God. She left this world at a time she was very productive in her life; that is often a mystery and we often ask the reason why. She may have been sewing a garment for a needy person and died in that very act of kindness.

IV. Her Resurrection- Peter said, "Tabitha, arise" and she arose (Acts 9:40). Believers are raised to walk in newness of life.

V. Her Inspiration- Because of her being raised from the dead, there was a revival and many must have believed.

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