Summary: Submission is not a popular word in our society today.

1. As we learned in our last study, SUBMISSION is not a popular word in our society but THEN NEITHER is ‘MARRIAGE’

a. With the perversity of men joining with men, and women with women, we need to hear God’s voice in these last days.

b. A article by the Associated Press found:

WASHINGTON (AP) -- New surveys on marriage and religion find that regular church attendance strengthens marriage and makes divorce more unlikely.

AND So we need to be sensitive to God’s design, God’s desire, God’s direction for something He Himself created:

• Marriage, the uniting of One MAN & One WOMAN.

• Peter begins with wives this week: 6 verses & for the husband, 1!

NOTE: Submission… it sounds like God’s asking me to be a doormat, to let my husband run all over me. That’s not it at all.

APP: Here’s a battle that is fought every day by us as Christians.

• Some of you recognize it, others don’t.

• Really it’s 3-fold: There’s a battle going on for who you will believe, who you will listen to, and who you will obey.

• And since you’re here today, in fellowship with Jesus and other believers, I know you want to believe, listen to, and obey God.

NOTE: When we hear of SUBMISSION there are a lot of voices that want to jump in and explain it to us.

• And what God’s Word says won’t be on the cover of PEOPLE magazine, or the featured story on some TV talk show.

• Hey, Martha Stewart, won’t even be talking about God’s Word.

• But together, we get to sit at Jesus’ feet… listening.

ALSO REMEMBER I’m a pastor, your pastor… and ladies I love you guys in Jesus and want what’s best for your home.

• As I survey the ministry and many couples that come through for counseling, a big problem in marriages is that ladies, you refuse to submit to your husbands!

• When Peter says in 1 Peter 3:1, it’s casually dismissed away.

• But that dismissal is exactly how a home can become upside down in the eyes of God.

REMEMBER ONE More THING about this letter…

• The theme of Peter is SUFFERING. You’ll find that word scattered throughout the letter some 16 times.

• He’s writing to those who are suffering because of faith in Jesus.

• And the topic of marriage comes up which means there was suffering going on with in the marriages there too.

• Interesting thought isn’t? Because some of you are suffering in your marriage today… struggling in it, just getting by.

MARRIAGE can be at times the closest thing to heaven in joy and fulfillment and radical satisfaction.

• AND marriage can sometimes be the closest thing well not to heaven!

• That’s because as difficulties come our way in marriage, we can either stand together or stand at each other’s throat…

• ESPECIALLY with trials & sufferings… So Peter says again…


1. (1) Submit to your OWN husbands.

a. Therefore submit… the word here means ‘to fall in line’

b. IT also carries the idea of ‘servanthood, willingly responding, willingly yielding’

c. The wife is to yield & willingly respond to her OWN HUSBAND as to the Lord.

NOTICE be submissive to your ‘OWN’ husbands. Not every single man that ever enters into your life.

• It doesn’t mean you’re a doormat or don’t have a valid opinion or don’t have a say in things…

• The idea of submission is not slavery…

• But rather it’s the kind of submission that Jesus had as He allowed the will of the Father to work out in His life!


• “You mean you want me to submit to my husband, even if he doesn’t love God, & might be leading me in the wrong direction for the home, for our finances, for… YES.”

• <>

WHY? Well Peter says in v1, so that they, WITHOUT A WORD, may be won by the conduct of their wives.

• That your chaste conduct & fear of the Lord is seen.

• Jump down to v5 as Sarah is used as an example.

• Lord? I like that verse. No, No, it’s more of a term of respect.

• The respect came when she obeyed him, even when seemed foolish to do so.

Genesis 12 a famine hits the land and Abram decides to go Egypt for help… that was mistake #1. Sarah followed.

• Then in Egypt, Abram tells Pharaoh she’s his sister (half truth, full lie) and she’s taken into Pharaoh’s harem! Mistake #2

• Is that what I get if I submit? Forget it.

• But you’ll notice, even through Abram was making BIG TIME, HURTFUL MISTAKES, God protected Sarah!

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