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Defilement (vs. 11-14)

A. Question about law & holiness

1. Does a holy vessel make holy that which it touches? No

2. Does an unclean person make the priest unclean? Yes

C. Explanation about law & holiness

1. Holiness is not transferable

2. Contact with unholiness defiles

3. Sickness ö kiss makes sick well? No Makes you sick!

D. Application about law & holiness

1. Empty ritual is not acceptable

2. "Be ye holy, for I am holy" (priests & people)

III. Dependency (vs. 15; ch. 1:4-6)

A. Looking to material things

B. Leaving out spiritual things

III. Discipline (vs. 16-19)

A. Object is redemption (17b)

B. Outcome is restoration (19b)

1. Discipline usually donât begin immediately

a.490 years of skipped Sabbaths

2. Blessing usually does begin immediately

a. Verse 19b "From this day"

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