The Rebuke

A. Diagnosis of the Problem (1-4)

1. Procrastination in the Lordâs work (2)

2. Passion for their own Projects (4)

a. ÎCeiledâ ö paneled w/wood; very elaborate

b. ÎRun·to own houseâ ö eagerness (9)

C. Explanation of their Predicament

1. Dissatisfaction (5-6)

a. Seeking happiness through pleasure

b. Seeking happiness through possessions

3. Discipline (9-11)

a. Money did not last

b. Land is cursed

III. The Reminder

A. ÎConsider your waysâ ö (5,7)

B. Build My House (8)

1. Ezra 1:2-3 (original command)

2. God will be pleased

3. God will be glorified

IV. The Response

A. Obeyed the Word of God (12)

B. Engaged in the Work of God (14)

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