Summary: Jesus leaves the worst of the letters to the seven churches for last, because they received no commendation for doing what was right. They were a phony church, a church simply playing church.

Jesus leaves the worst of the letters to the seven churches for last, because they received no commendation for doing what was right. They were a phony church, a church simply playing church.

It is important for Pastors to remember that this letter was written to us by the Apostle John and dictated by Jesus as a warning. We must constantly make sure that the state of Jesus’ Church is sound. Jesus holds the pastor responsible for the state of the church. Our opinion of the church is not always the same as Jesus, and that is sad. We must study what is being said to the church in our scriptures this morning and promise not to be lukewarm from this day forward.

All believers in the church must pay special attention to what Jesus says, for they are who make up the church. If you are indifferent, complacent, lethargic, self-satisfied, half-hearted, or neutral, you are lukewarm.

Charles H. Spurgeon said over 127 years ago, “give me a dozen earnest spirits and put me down anywhere in London, and by God’s help we will soon cause the wilderness and the solitary to rejoice, for these passionate spirits are determined that Christ shall be glorified and souls won.”

Jesus says He is the Amen, this title belongs to Him, and here it refers to truth. You see, Jesus is truth, what He says has the right to begin with amen. He says two things to a lukewarm church. First, we can trust His promises. Secondly, if we are a lukewarm church, we better heed His warning. Jesus says He is the faithful and true witness, He is what a lukewarm church is not. This type of church only tells part of the truth, only bears part of the witness. It is only half-faithful to God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Jesus is the ruler of God’s creation. He is the maker and sustainer of all that is. We must never depend upon ourselves for prosperity. The church’s wealth is meaningless and useless apart from Jesus.

Here is Jesus’ complaint; it is better for a believer to have no commitment to Jesus, than to be lukewarm. A lukewarm person does not know what they need, whether it be clothing or heat, they are comfortable. That is a very dangerous condition to be in as a Christian. For they see themselves as being respectable in the church. They are the hardest to arouse and set aflame for the Lord. God does not accept us because we are religious, baptized, a church member, go to church, do good works for the church, say we know Jesus, or give generously. There is only one way that a Christian can be acceptable to God, by buying spiritual gold, spiritual clothing, and eye salve from Jesus and Jesus alone. The lukewarm church has no need of any of these, for they have all they need.

Jesus’ counsel to this church is that they become earnest and repent. He tells them these things not because He is angry, but because He loves them. If they do not follow His plea, He is ready to spit them out of His mouth. They will still have a relationship with Him, but no longer fellowship. The Triune God leaves the church, Jesus positions Himself outside of the church and begins to knock to regain entrance. Have we put Jesus out of the church? Can you hear Him knocking on the door this morning? If yes, who will invite Him in this morning? Who will say to Jesus, I’m coming Lord? Will there be just one, or two, ten, twenty, fifty, a hundred or more this morning that will invite Jesus back into His church? Let us all open the church door for Jesus this morning and every morning!

Jesus tells us that we who overcome being lukewarm, and become hot for Him, we will rule and reign with Him forever and ever. We will be given special privileges to help manage God’s entire Kingdom. Amen! Are you listening, do you understand?

May God richly bless you with His Word.

Pastor Jack

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