Summary: This sermon deals with Peter and Johns trust in Jesus in the midst of difficulty.

AAA “Travel with Someone You Trust” - Acts 4:1-12,

Our society has devised an ingenious tool to combat the issue of insecurity. We know it as insurance. We have insurance available for just about anything. Typically we insure ourselves against the unknown, the only exception to that is life insurance in which the end result is certain unless Jesus returns in our lifetime. As stated before, the goal of insurance is to provide security in the event of tragedy.

Three significant A’s

1. The Arrest (v.1-4)

Their captive state may have been a set back but it didn’t stop the work of the Holy Spirit. He insured the very preaching that brought about the arrest also brought at least 2000 conversions.

2. The Address (v. 8-12)

The accusers would have liked nothing better than to have find fault in the answer to their question. However, the Holy Spirit insured that Peter had an opportunity to proclaim the gospel.

3. The Assurance of Atonement (v. 12)

After Peter’s stinging address to the very people who had Jesus crucified, we might expect that his own life would be at risk. But even in the face of death it is clear that he knew that the One who had underwritten his life would make good on the claim.

In spite of their predicament their trust was in Jesus and they weren’t afraid to share it. Perhaps the best part of it all is that we have the benefit of this insurance or security but the premium for coverage has been paid in full.

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