Summary: Father’s need examples to follow in order to become godly fathers. Abram serves as an example. We may learn several principals from this text.


Genesis: 12:1-8 and 22:1-13


Nektron are fish that can swim against the current. The name for fish who can not swim against the current is Plankton. This simple distinction divides all marine life. Nektron or Plankton. Mankind is also divided that way; some have backbone to go against the current and some do not. Abraham was one who could stand against the current of the world. He can be an example to all, but today I want to apply his life to fathers. Follow with an open Bible, heart and mind.

I. AS A MAN OF MISSION. Gen . 12-1-4.


One could say that Abram was the first missionary. He was certainly a man on mission. A mission is a consuming cause for which you are willing to leave family, friends and perhaps your country. It is a cause that puts everything and everyone in second place. Top Abram it was to follow the call of God.

God said, "Go forth from your country, and from your relatives, and from your father’s house, to the land which I will show you." Because Abram answered the call, he was a man on mission. He lived in a pagan land. The people probably worshiped the moon. It seems that all of a sudden God breaks through and calls Abram out of that background.

God gave a call to Abram in verses 2 and 3 what God promised. (1) A great inheritance (2) A great blessing (3) a great name (4)To be a great blessing (5) A great alliance (6) A great defense (7) a great influence. As we look back upon these promises we might say, Who wouldn’t take that kind of a bargain? But you must remember Abram did not have any examples to follow. We are not aware that Abram knew anything about Enoch or Noah. There is no evidence that he had seen someone else obey the Lord’s call.

Don’t you love the first phrase of verse 4? That’s a father’s example of a man on mission. A man with a consuming purpose. The purpose is to obey God. Verse 1 says, "Go forth." Verse 4 says, "So Abram went forth." Men, are you on mission for the Lord?


Willie the custodian, was questioned one day as he scrubbed the steps of a large New York City building thus: "Willie, I understand that you are a child of God." "Yes, sir, I’m a child of the King!" "Well, since you are a child of the King, do you believe that God recognizes you as a prince?" "He certainly does," beamed Willie. "Well, if God is your Father, and you are a prince, and a child of the King, don’t you think that it is beneath your level to be found here in New York City scrubbing these dirty steps?" None daunted, Willie replied, "There’s no humiliation whatever. You see. I’m not scrubbing these steps for Mr. Brown, my boss. I’m scrubbing them for Jesus Christ, my Saviour!"


Are you a man on mission? Are you doing what you’re doing in the name Jesus? If you’re a Christian, you should be . If you’re a Christian, you have been called of God to serve Him. You have been called to put the concerns of the world in a lesser place and to give God first place in your life. You are called to serve, not play. Serve, not sit. If someone evaluated your use of time, talent and money, what would they say is your consuming purpose? Abram followed God and he is a good example to us. Now notice the second point.

II. AS A MAN OF WORSHIP. Verses 7 and 8


Abram worshiped the Lord. One writer said, "Anywhere Abram had a tent, God had an alter." Somehow Abram knew an atonement for sin was necessary and he offered a sacrifice for his sin and those of his household. This act of worship was perhaps the first such act in Canaan. If not the first, then at least among the first.

Abram worshiped in spite of being a minority. His worship was definitely different. He did not allow the thoughts of others to keep him from his worship of God.

His worship demonstrates his responsibility. He was given the mission of taking the message of redemption to his world. He did it and proved himself responsible in worship. His worship also reveals separation. He had to break with the customs and idolatry of a pagan land. He was not worldly, but other-worldly. His life and lifestyle called others to worship God.


A family on vacation was driving from Seattle to Boston. Coming down the Black Hills Highway in South Dakota, they stopped late one afternoon at an isolated tourist camp. No other campers had arrived.

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