Summary: Conditions for seeing the fulfillment of God’s promises for your life

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Unit 7 – Journeys

Lesson 16 – God’s Promise to Abraham and Abraham’s Response – Gen. 12:2-3; 15:1-6; 18:1-15

For the Teacher’s Preparation

1. Aim: To lead the people to understand the nature of God’s promises and the conditions necessary to receive His blessings.

2. Explanation of the Aim: There are more than 7000 promises in the Bible. In 2 Cor. 1:20 we are told that all the promises of God belong to us who are in Christ and abide in His will. Just as Abraham received many blessings from God’s promise because of His trust and obedience so we too can look to His promises for everything that we need for life and godliness through the true knowledge of Jesus Christ and His word.

3. The Bible Story: Our lesson teaches us how God is as reliable as all of His promises. When a person has an intimate relationship with God they are more apt to trust Him for all the promises that are ours through Christ. People who fail to appropriate the promises of God in their lives may have unconfessed sin that is hindering their close fellowship with the Lord and His word. God promised Abraham that He would be His shield or sovereign Lord and King. That assured Abraham that God would see that all of His will would be accomplished through a trusting and obedient servant. It also meant that God would be Abraham’s great treasure, success and reward. There is nothing more satisfying that to be in the center of God’s will and Abraham believed that with all his heart. Help the people realize that as they believe God for His promises they too will not only receive eternal life, forgiveness of sins, but assurance of His blessings throughout their lifetimes.

4. Prepare to Teach: Read through the Bible lessons thoroughly before you come to the church. Pray that the Lord will give you great understanding into the essentials of this lesson. Ask the Lord to give you a love for each of the students in your class. Trust the Lord that this lesson will be greatly used in the life of each child in helping them appropriate all of God’s promises. The INTRODUCTION leads the people to understand the nature and conditions of God’s promises. Ask the people if they have ever been promised something only to later be disappointed. Ask them how that makes them feel? Discuss how the Lord’s promises are always fulfilled when we meet His conditions. The BIBLE STORY revolves around how God fulfilled His promise to Abraham and how he will also fulfill His promises to us through Christ. The MEANING FOR OUR LIVES helps the people make application to some of the most important promises for assurance for answers to prayer (John 15:7); assurance for guidance (Prov. 3:5,6); assurance for victory over temptation (I Cor. 10:13); assurance for forgiveness of sins (I John 1:9); assurance for salvation (I John 5:11-13)

CLASS TIME (Begin With Prayer)


Ask the people what are some promises in the Bible? Give them several examples of God’s promises like John 3:16 and John 1:12. Ask the people how they can be assured that they will go to heaven when they die based on the promises of God? Ask the people how they can be assured that the Lord has a special plan for each of lives? (Jer. 29:11) Ask the people how they can know that they have the power in the Holy Spirit to refuse to be overcome by evil, because they can overcome evil with good. (Rom. 12:21) Give a definition of a promise (Assurance as one will or will not do based on the character of the promise giver) Why is it impossible for God to make a promise and not fulfill it to those who are obedient to His will? What do you feel like when some person gives you a promise and then fails to fulfill it? Why is God unlike human beings regarding His promises?

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