Summary: There is a word in the English language that we hear used from time to time. Yet, this is a word that we rarely see modeled in our day. That word is the word "Integrity." It means the following: "possession of firm principles: the quality of possessing an

Abraham: Following In The Footsteps Of Faith


Genesis 14:1-24

Intro: There is a word in the English language that we hear used from time to time. Yet, this is a word that we rarely see modeled in our day. That word is the word "Integrity." It means the following: "possession of firm principles: the quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles or professional standards"

When a person is said to have integrity, we mean that they have high moral standards. We mean that they operate in a way that causes them to seek the right way first. This is the behavior that God would have all His children exhibit all the time. One of the greatest things that can be said about your life is that you are a person of integrity.

This is the behavior that is modeled by Abram in this passage. Genesis 14 is a glimpse inside the life of this great man of God. There are three areas of his life that are dealt with in this passage. In each of these, Abram demonstrates the fact that he is a man of integrity. Let’s examine these areas this evening so that we too may become people of integrity for the glory of the Lord.


A. The Setting For His Warfare (vv. 1-12)

This chapter tells us about a brutal invasion by a confederation of powerful kings who occupied the region that corresponds to Iraq and Iran in our day.

1. Involved A Vicious Retaliation (vv. 1-11)

• Evidently, Sodom had been a tributary of king Chedorlaomer for some 12 years.

o After 12 years, they refused to pay their tribute money and revolted.

o Chedorlaomer, along with his confederates, invaded Canaan to deal with these rebellious people.

o This invasion resulted in the sacking of Sodom and the capturing of Lot, along with all his possessions.

• There is always some evil tyrant like Chedorlaomer who wants to put you in bondage.

o If you leave the things of the Lord like Lot did and walk off into the world, you can count on forming evil habit and lusts that are difficult to break..

o In fact, like Lot, you won’t get free unless the Lord intervenes!

2. Involved A Valid Reason (v. 12)

• When Abram heard that Lot was in trouble, he went to war.

o I gather that Abram is a man of peace.

o This is the only time we see him at war in his life.

o However, when there was a need, he went to battle!

• I just want to remind you that we are all engaged in warfare this evening.

o Our battle is spiritual in nature.

B. The Success Of His Warfare (vv. 14-15)

• These verses tell us that Abram waged war and won a decisive victory.

1. Involved His Preparations for the Enemy (v. 14)

o Abram armed his men and prepared for the battle.

o God’s children need to be ready at all times for spiritual battle.

 Our success in the spiritual battles of life hinges on how well we prepare ourselves for the battles we face.)

2. Involved His Pursuit of the Enemy (v. 15)

• We are at war all the time, but there are times when we need to take the fight to the enemy.

o When it is time to stand against evil.

o When it is time to defend or rescue a brother.

o When it is time to stand in the gap for another.

o Let us fight the good fight.

• May we always demonstrate great integrity in the battles we fight.

o We do so by facing the enemy with out faith in the Lord and His power.

o We do so by always being found on the side of right.

o We do so by not shrinking from the battle for fear of the enemy.

o We do so by standing when others run away!


A. The Facilitator Of His Worship (v. 18 )

• Abram had faith to make war and he encounter a facilitator to help him in his worship of the Lord.

• Notice some truths about this mysterious man named Melchizedek.

1. Melchizedek’s Position

• He is called a "king".

• He is a ruler, a man of great influence, wealth and power.

2. Melchizedek’s Place

• He is the "King of Salem".

• The word "Salem" means "peace".

• It is an ancient name for the city of Jerusalem.

• His name means "King of Righteousness".

3. Melchizedek’s Provisions

• When he comes, he brings bread and wine.

• Both are products of the area and are given to the weary patriarch to help him after the battle.

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