Summary: restoring fallen believers

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Genesis 14: 12-24


A. Lot is a classic example of a carnal or worldly believer

1. We know that Lot was saved

a. II Peter calls him a righteous man who’s soul was vexed

by what he saw in Sodom

b. It is possible to be saved and yet not be sold out to


2. In Lot, we see some of the characteristics of a carnal


a. A carnal believer cannot fellowship with a growing and

Godly believer-- Abram and Lot had to separate

b. A carnal believer always makes decisions based on what

is best for self-- seen in how Lot chose the best of the

land when given a choice

c. Worldly living always leads downward-- Lot pitched his

tent toward Sodom and finally ended up in Sodom

d. A carnal lifestyle ends up hurting the ones we love the

most-- Lot lost his wife and his two unmarried

daughters ended up having children by him

B. In this passage, Lot was carried away captive along with

everyone in Sodom

1. His lifestyle had caught up with him

2. If we run with the world, don’t be surprised if we end up

judged with the world

3. Worldly believers often face the same problems and

judgments as the rest of the world

a. Christians can have family problems and divorce just like

lost people

b. Christian parents can lose their children just like lost


c. Christians can be bound to habits and sins just like lost


d. Christians can commit scandalous sin just like lost


4. The question is, what do we do and how are we to react

to carnal and worldly believers bound up in sin and its



A. We are not to look upon carnal and worldly believers with

an air of superiority

1. Galatians 6:1 tells us to consider ourselves lest we also be


2. Put in the right situation at the right time, we could be the

one in trouble

a. No matter how spiritual we may think that we are, we

are still human and still subject to temptation

b. To adopt an air of superiority toward another believer is

to open the door for temptation

3. Peter thought he was superior to the other disciples

a. He told Jesus, they may all fail you but I will not

b. Peter ended up failing just like Jesus said He would

c. Peter found out that he was not superior to the other


4. If we haven’t failed God like someone else we may have

seen, then just thank God for His protecting hedge that

He has put around our lives

5. We have no right to feel superior to another and then talk

about and criticize that person

B. We are not to ignore a carnal and worldly believer

1. We are tempted to ignore carnal and worldly believers

because we don’t want to confront them about their


a. We don’t feel like we are spiritual enough to rebuke


b. We don’t want to hurt their feelings-- my problem

c. We feel like if we just leave it alone everything will

somehow come out right

2. We are tempted to ignore carnal and worldly believers

because we are embarrassed by their lifestyle

3. God has not called us to ignore the carnal and worldly


a. As believers, we are to hold one another accountable

b. When one believer falls, the others are to lift that one up


A. He went after Lot

1. He went after him for the purpose of freeing him from his


2. Our responsibility to one another means that we seek each

other out when we fall

a. We seek one another out for the purpose of restoration

b. Restoration carries the idea of setting a broken bone

3. To restore a fallen brother, we will have to:

a. Confront him about his sin

b. Lead him to the place where he will turn from that sin

and turn back to God for forgiveness

c. Forgive him

d. Lead others to forgive him

4. To restore a fallen brother, we will have to make the first

move by seeking him out

B. Abram got others to help him in this work

1. He armed his servants and took them with him

2. The work of reconciliation and restoration is for all who

are in the church

a. When Jesus talked about peacemakers in the Beatitudes,

He wasn’t just talking about preachers and deacons

b. Parents are to be in the work of restoring their wayward


c. Spouses can work to restore a wayward spouse

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