Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Friends, there’s nothing in all of the possessions we have in this world can compare to the Word of God, because it can change your life forever.

Theme: Abram’s Word from God

Text: Genesis 15: 1-6


A. In our text, God appeared and spoke to Abraham in a vision. Abraham had received a “word” from God that had revolutionized and had changed his life forever. The word he received from God was about his fear, future, and faith. God had encouraged him concerning the things he was afraid of, reassured him of his future, and commended him of his faith.

Encouragement, reassurance, and commendation can bring positive impact to the life of a person and they can be life-changing if spoken by the right person. Here, God Himself spoke words of encouragement, reassurance, and commendation to Abraham. So we see the life of Abraham was forever changed! Friends, there’s nothing in all of the possessions we have in this world can compare to the Word of God, because it can change your life forever.

B. Ok, let’s now listen in on this conversation between the Lord and Abram and see what it has to teach us about our own walk with the Lord.


1. Abraham has just won a great military victory. But probably there were mixed feelings about this victory. There was joy and anxiety. Joy, because they won, but anxious because his military campaign and victory made him a bitter enemy of Chedorlaomer. This king, with his confederates, was mighty enough to come against Sodom and the cities of Canaan. Abraham would have felt that he too was in great danger would the king from the east attack them again. The thought that the enemy would have just waited for an opportunity to attack and destroy them would have caused troubles and anxiety to his mind. Every other day was restless; there’s no peace.

2. God came with a word of peace. God appeared to Abram and said: “Fear not, Abram, I am your shield and your exceeding great reward.” Actually, this is the first time the phrase “fear not” is used in the Bible. This shows that Abram was not just afraid; he was really very anxious and dreadful. So God came to remind Abraham that He is both Abram’s shield and reward.

A shield in the Olden Times is used to protect the whole body from the direct attack of the enemy. But it could also mean “shelter.” So when God said to Abraham “I am your shield”, He meant that He was going to be Abraham’s protection and shelter from all his enemies. Actually, the word for shield used here has direct relation to what Melchizedek said when he met Abram after his battle with Chedorlaomer. We can find that in chap.14: 20: “Most High God, who delivered your enemies into your hands.” Therefore Abraham need not fear reprisals of those he had fought and defeated. God promised him total protection and complete victory.

Then God further said: “I am your exceeding great reward.” This is saying, “I am your comfort.” As we learned last Sunday, Abram declined to keep the spoils of war. That great amount of money could give him material comfort and sense of security in the future. But he’s never a loser; the Lord promises to reward him in great abundance. God means that as long as Abraham walks with God by faith, He’s going to be responsible for Abraham’s needs, and He is going to provide him in great abundance. So in walking by faith and living with integrity Abraham lost nothing; he gained everything.

3. Of course, there are lots of things in this world that can cause great trouble, fear, and anxiety to our minds. When we think of our immense responsibilities, our children’s needs and future, our safety, our health, our bills, yes even how we manage our money can cause anxiety and trouble. But here is the promise of God from all the dangers and troubles around us: “Fear not, for I am Your shield and great reward.

There is peace of knowing that God is our shield and reward. He is both our protection and comfort; in Him we find true security. If we have God, then we have everything. Children of God are not to be pitied; they are to be envied. They have the great possession ever!

One day, Jesus and His disciples were on the boat in the middle of the lake of Galilee. Jesus was asleep when a great storm came. The disciples were so afraid; they thought they would all be drowned to death. Jesus woke up and rebuked the wind and the storm. He said to them: “Where is your faith?” They didn’t realize that the Presence of God, the Truth, God’s Power, God’s Faithfulness, was with them. They didn’t realize that as long as Jesus is with them, nothing should be able to destroy them. Friends, we too have that security in Christ.

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