Summary: God has given us a lot, we need to accept it, enjoy it and put it to work

I Timothy 6:17-19

Accept Enjoy and Employ What God has Given You


A. The Stock market

1. Have you noticed how it has been growing lately

2. This should make investors happy

3. Yet they still are searching

B. God’s economical system however…

C. Background

1. Paul has finished the body of the letter.

2. He is now on to the conclusion

3. He finished talking about the love of money

4. Now he is giving more of an example how to carry that out

There are three reactions we should have to God’s Economical system

1. Accept – What God has given you

2. Enjoy – What God has given you

3. Employ – What God has given you

I. Accept (17a)

A. explanation

1. Paul uses command here – very forceful action

2. We are not to be arrogant about what we have

3. That wealth can be gone

B. Application

1. God may or may not let you be rich

2. Your finical situation should not be your pride

3. Be willing to accept what you have

C. Illustration

My Personal life – not having a lot, but always having what I need

II. Enjoy (17b)

We are to enjoy what God has given us

A. Explanation

1. As we seen before there is no reason to put our hope into earthly possession

2. But put our hope in God

3. God will provide for our needs

B. Application

1. Money comes and goes, possessions come and go, they are not reliable

2. Stop investing hope in the stock market, invest it in God

3. Has God ever not provide what you NEED?

C. Illustration

Kevin Laser – always with a smile never complaining

III. Employ (18-19)

A. Explanation

1. command – Forcefully put

2. Paul is trying to define for us here what we should be concerned with

3. Paul makes mention that Heaven will last longer

B. Application

1. Rather then worrying about being rich as far as money goes worry about being rich in good deeds

2. Your treasure will be up in heaven

3. Those treasure will last forever

C. Illustration

The owner of Armstrong Cable, North Pittsburgh etc.


Riches do not make you happy

Investments in this world will fail

Example: Black Monday

Do you want to have little riches now or Lots of Riches forever?

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