Summary: Because I am the product of a unique creation, I can accept my personal uniqueness without either inferiority or superiority.


Someone who are told not to be inferior swing from one extreme to another, from interior feelings to egotistical feelings. If man is not to feel inferior, neither is he to feel superior. Some people are possessed with illusions or grandeur, living in a fantasy world in which they are the center of power and influence! “A father said to his daughter who had been slipping in her achievements: ‘You are not the least bit inferior’, to which the girl replied, ‘No, the fact is, I’m superior in many things’. “Abundant Living; ES. Jones; page 105). This girl had failed to find a sane estimate of her abilities. A disciplined goal is the product of a sane estimate of yourself, a mark of true humility. We are neither a worm or wonder, only an ordinary person becoming an extraordinary servant of Christ because of the grace of God.

Idolizing others of greater ability, some people are notably experiencing regular rounds of defeat and failure, but are also failing to each their own potential. “A minister felt that he should do the work of Moody. He prayed hard and worked hard, but no spectacular Moody results came. And then he came to the conclusion that when God got hold of Moody, He got hold of a bigger man, and that God expected him to his own work, not Moody’s”. (Ibid; page 105)

God has made each of us differently and to do different work for him. Have you yet learned to accept your own personal uniqueness? Your personal individuality is to be seen for it’s true purpose, to complementthe whole work of God. “Everything God has made has it’s own personal identity. There are billions of leaves but no two have ever been alike. No two rain drops ever have been identical, and no other person has ever made or ever will be made exactly like you. The print of your finger is different; you think differently, and you look different from any other person that ever lived. One day a sixth-grader teacher asked her class, “What is here in the world today that was not here fifteen years ago?” She expected the class to tell her of some of the new inventions and discoveries. One little boy held up his hand. “All right, Johnny,” she said, “what is here that was not here fifteen years ago?” He said, “me”. (Roads to Radiant Living; Charles Allen; page 84)

Comparing yourself with others can lead to one of these reactions: feelings of inferiority, feelings of superiority, feelings of jealously. Seeing yourself properly in light of God and of others. Remember, even before you were born, God set you apart for a special purpose. (Jeremiah 1:5)

“O God, deliver me from my tendency to compare myself to others,which inevitably causes competitive feelings of strife. Help me to compare myself with thyself and your divinely-revealed potential for me. Then I shall have the joy of becoming Christ-like in my upward striving rather than the grief of becoming carnal in my outward striving. In Jesus’ name, Amen”.

AFFIRMATION FOR THE DAY: Because I am the product of a unique creation, I can accept my personal uniqueness without either inferiority or superiority.

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