Summary: Be sure your sins will find you out!


A. The Book of Joshua is a Book of Victory

1. It reminds us that Faith is the Victory that

overcomes the world

2. Joshua leads God’s People to victory over

the enemies in the land

B. Jesus Christ is our Joshua (Yahweh is Salvation)

1. When we follow Him, we are more than

conquerors - Rom.8:37

2. "Thanks be to God who gives us the victory

through our Lord J.Christ" I Cor.15:57

C. A concise outline of this magnificent book

1. Crossing the River Jordan Chs.1-5

2. Conquering the Enemy in the Land 6-12

3. Claiming the Promised Inheritance 13-24

D. Look at the events of Josh.7

1. They follow a tremendous victory at Jericho.

2. God’s people trust and obey Him and the walls

came tumbling down

3. BUT there is danger ahead at a little town

called Ai.

4. Because of the sin of one man called Achan.


A. After the victory at Jericho, God’s people had become overconfident

1. They thought they took take Ai without even

consulting Him

2. They were in for a big surprise!

3. They send up only a few thousand soldiers,

thinking that victory was a foregone

conclusion.They couldn’t have been more wrong.

Ai was certainly no pushover.

B. The same thing can happen to us today in the Church

1. We can become so self confident in ourselves

and our ability

2. We can reach the point when we no longer need

God, except for the big challenges.

3. Most times we can manage by ourselves.

4. That’s what happened here. Not once did

Joshua ask for God’s help!


A. Their hearts melted as they were defeated by the small army of Ai

1. The People are discouraged and Joshua asks "Why"

2. He cannot understand why this has happened.

What went wrong?

B. How vulnerable we are when we get outside the will of God

1. Only in the will of God is there protection

and blessing.

2. Outside His will we will suffer defeat and



A. Joshua wants to find out the Cause for this Disaster

1. Does the right thing by going straight to God

for his answer.

2. The right response to wrong is to go to God.

3. Immediately he is told to "Get up! Israel has


4. There is a time for prayer, and there is also a

time for repentance.

5. Joshua is commanded to stop praying and start

making things right.

B. Sin had invaded the camp

1. God had earlier made it clear that the spoils

of Jericho were to be devoted to Him - 6:18-19

but Achan had disobeyed this law.

2. Now one person’s disobedience was bringing

calamity upon a whole nation. This is how sin

works! We never sin alone.

C. Achan thought he could hide his sin, but God saw what he did!

1. Nothing misses the eyes of an all seeing God -


2. And He will not bless us until we stop

covering & start confessing

3. Prov.28:13 “He that covereth his sins shall

not prosper: but whoso confesseth and

forsaketh them shall have mercy.”

4. Be sure your sins will find you out - Achan’s

sin was discovered & exposed.


A. God always gives us more than enough time to repent.

1. In order to find the culprit, the tribes

present themselves, then the clans.

2. This was followed by the families, and finally


3. God was giving Achan opportunities to repent

before he was personally confronted. He did

not avail himself of any of these.

4. Only when there was no way out, he confessed -


B. He and his family were taken to the Valley of Achor (trouble)

1. They had shared in the sin by saying nothing.

2. Swift destruction falls upon this whole family

because of the greed of one man who wanted a

coat and a wedge of gold.


1. One day "swift destruction" will come upon those who know not Christ. II Thess.1:7-9

2. Today is the day of grace and opportunity. Now is the time to confess and repent of all known sin I John 1:9

3. Now is the time to do the right thing while we can. Believe, repent, confess and be immersed into Christ! (Acts 2:38), or come Back to Christ in repentance and restoration. Then the Valley of trouble will become a valley of Hope for you- Hos.2:15

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