Summary: This is my focus, at the early beginning of this year the Lord open up my eyes to see an error done by many, "keep doing the same thing over and over and want a different result-ignorance. So he gives me these sermon to change their orientation n approach

Theme: Acquaint thyself with the Lord

Text: Job 22:21; Isa 48:17

The word aquaintance means to know or get familiar with something or somebody.

Phil 3:10..Paul illustrates how vital knowledge of the Lord is to a believer.

Knowledge is power but detrimental in the hands or mind of the wrong person. Wisdom is authority. I would like to explain why paul emphasizes on not just knowing the Lord but also the power of His resurrection. It was the resurection that completed the joy of His mission, so in other words for our joy to be full this year we need not just to know the Lord but His ressurection as well thus enabling us to apply wisdom in our dealings. Many have got so familiar with God therefore compromising His standards which is devoid of respect for Him.

Power which comes from knowledge can be guarantee and genuine when it is authorize. Take for instance a man has a gun, he has power but if not authorized to use and he is caught using will be arrested, so is the same with power which is gain from knowledge. Like it is clearly stated Paul long after the ressurrection, talks about the solution, seeking wisdom as followers of Christ will be much more better than knowledge because in so doing we will be authorize and our God will be pleased.

We are so specific about our theme..that speaks "You can not keep doing the same thing and have different result" how can acquainting ourselves to the Lord open unto us a new door.?

Matt 11:28 says and I paraphrase come just as you are with your load and burden, I am capable of giving you full rest. Remember in our text in Job 22:21, when you acquaint then peace come which brings goodness/open doors.. from that error made by many christians doing the same or living the same way and expecting a different result, there must be a change of orientation and approach this year as regards our resolution and such change should coincide with the Lord then we are guarantee a success this year by His grace. However let us look at what Job, a contemporary of Moses have to offer us to change our orientation and approach this 2017..

HOW DO I ACQUAINT MYSELF TO THE LORD..James 4:8..says and I paraphrase

Knowledge of the Lord comes when you are closely intimated with Him and His presence. Rom 8:16, says and I is the spirit of God in you that shows that you are His own and can lead you to Him, which connote intimacy..Are you???

As it is clearly noted a son that stick closer to the father enjoy and benefits a lot more from the father than the others..

Ps 91:1, Rom 10:17. This is my question to you all:

How much of your time you spend in His presence in your past years, be not decieve this year, God will only go the extra miles for those that will value His presence, not just visitors but dweller, much more obedient dwellers..In His presence there is liberty, and His word carries power. Isa 9:8, John 11:25, says..He is a word that transform and the ressurrection and life,

I hereby decree, that very word that will open unto you doors of great opportunity and the ability to enjoy and be a blessing this year the Lord will give you this very season in Jesus Name and everything that has died due to your distance from His kingdom, this year as you prioritise Him, He shall give life to it and empower you to recover all your lost ground in Jesus Name. 1sam 30:6-8

In conclusion you can never know the Lord if you arent His own talkless of having open doors of continual joy. So if you aren't His own, you can pray this prayer with me humbly "LORD JESUS FORGIVE ME OF MY SINS AND WRONG DOINGS, ACCEPT AND BE LORD OVER MY LIFE IN JESUS NAME. 2cor 6:2


Father i want to know you and the power of your ressurection, so I can enjoy open doors this 2017 for your glory in Jesus Name.

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Cletus Blamo

commented on Jan 30, 2017

I my very self when the Lord open up these revelations to helps me to reorganize and amend my ways before I am bless i must admit and I hope it will inspire and redirect your motives as you reflects on His plans for you this year..God bless

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