Summary: Praise is a covenant practice that enhances our walk with god. When I engage in exceptional praise to God, it unleashes tremendous measure of power, grace and anointing into my life.


PSALMS 67:5-7, PSALMS 107:8-9, PSALMS 115:14,

Many at times we focus on the events and outcome of God’s act and we neglect the process and the principles of God. Moses knew the ways of God and the Israelites his acts. It is your understanding of any matter that determines the level of result it delivers into your life. Matthew 13:19. Not just head knowledge but heart revelation, that propels you to become a practitioner of the truth heard. It is one thing to know something and it is another thing to know how to use what you know.

There are many sides to God. This message will enhance your understanding on the spiritual ammunition called Praise. Praise is a spiritual weapon and not just an agenda in a church service. It is not a spiritual entertainment. It is not melody although you can be melodious during praise. Praise is not an excitement although you can be excited. Praise is a covenant practice that enhances our walk with god. When I engage in exceptional praise to God, it unleashes tremendous measure of power, grace and anointing into my life.

Psalms 34:1-5. Those that commit to praising Him, their faces shall not be ashamed. Matthew 16:19. Praise is one of the keys of the kingdom.

Your personal praise entitles you to a personal victory. God enters your life by your invitation of personal praise. Praise is a spiritual weapon ordained for victory of the saints: It helps them to win the impossible battles of your life.

1. 1 Corinthians 3:6. Many know how to sow and not how to reap. Praise guarantees quality harvest on the seed sown. No matter the seed sown, water is necessary. Psalms 67:5-7. It takes praise for your seed to be turned into a harvest. So praise is God’s covenant watering system. Galatians 6:7

2. Praise is a spiritual medium through which divine intervention is invoked. It is a vital spiritual weapon in winning the battles of your life. 2 Chronicles 20:12-24 vs 22. As they began o sing and to praise God, He stepped in. In whatever situation of life, when God takes over, the battle is over. Vs. 15: when God steps in, the battle becomes his. In a revival service held in 1990 at Ibadan, Nigeria, a blind man received his sight. This occurred after we were done praying and were all praising God. During a praise service on a Friday night in our church in Brooklyn, New York in 2009. A 5 year old baby who couldn’t walk jumped out of the stroller and walk for the first time and has since been walking.

3. Exceptional praise is the avenue for supernatural revelation. Psalms 16:11. That is God will show me or reveal to me the path of life. He will reveal to me the steps to take and the way to go in life. You are never confused and without an answer to issues of life whenever you gain access into his presence. How do I get into his presence? Psalms 100:4. The armor of praise is the qualifier into his presence. Psalms 22:3. (CLOTHE IN HIS PRESENCE). It is revelation that guarantees your victory. It is what you know that others don’t know that sets you above them. It is what you have heard that others haven’t heard that sets you above them. There is an equation between your praise and revelation. The higher your praise life, the greater your access to revelation. Solomon 1,500 songs (three thousand proverbs). Paul, a man of abundance of revelation: sing in the spirit and sing in understanding. Elisha asked for a minstrel 2 Kings 3:14-15. Ministry becomes easy. ANYTIME YOU CONNECT WITH REVELATION, IT PUTS YOU IN COMMAND OF LIFE SITUATION. WHENEVER YOU ARE IN TOUCH WITH THE WORD IN SEASON, YOU ARE IN COMMAND OF THE SEASON. NO REVELATION WHEN YOU ARE SAD AND ANGRY WITH GOD, WITH YOURSELF AND OTHERS.


1. BY FAITH: The kind of praise that will provoke a harvest is not the praise that will happen by accident but must be a conscious one. The praise we are offering God is not to make Him answer our prayers. We are praising him because we know that he has already answered. This is not with the intention to bribe God. But this is the Jesus’ kind of praise. John 11:41-42. Not because you will hear me but because you have heard me. Lazarus was still in the grave stinking. David Psalms 28:7. Psalms 34:1 LB. David penned this Psalms immediately he faked mental insanity in order to avoid being killed by Saul through the help of Abimielech.

2. FRUIT OF OUR LIPS: Proverbs 12:14, Proverbs 13:2, Proverbs 20. Hebrews 13:15. Your praise must flow from a committed heart but expressed through the lips. Philemon 6. If God has done anything for you, let it flow from your lips. Your lip is the gateway for expressing your praise. No matter what you are going through, don’t let the enemy shut your mouth. Let the redeemed of the Lord says so. Declare the goodness of the Lord from your mouth. Declare what and how you want the day to look like irrespective of what the day looks like. You are blessed.

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