Summary: This is a study of Acts Chapter 4 the fifth in a series on the book of Acts

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Acts Chapter 4

Acts #05

I. The arrest of the Peter and John 4:1-4

A. The reasons for the arrest

1. They were teaching the people.

NOTE: These men, Peter and John, were not rabbis nor teachers so they could not teach.

2. The taught that Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.

NOTE: Of the religious parties of that time the Sadducees were what we could call as liberal. There arch rival was the Pharisees. The Sadducees rejected all of scripture except for the writings of Moses. They rejected all of the oral and written tradition of the day. They did not believe in neither Angles nor demons. They did not believe in the after life or a resurrection at the end of time.

In verse two we read that the Sadducees were disturbed because the Apostles were preaching that Christ rose from the dead.

B. The time of the arrest was night so they had to be heard over for trial.

NOTE: It was evening. Jewish law said that people must be charged and sentenced on the same day. They did not have time to do this on the same day so they puttee in jail over night for trial the next day.

C. The results were that people were saved, by the sign of the miracle and the preaching.

II. The trial: 4:5-22

A. The jurors: 4:5-6

There were the religious leaders of the day.

NOTE: This was the group that was called the Sanhedrin, which is a council or body of elders. Tradition said they came from the ones that Moses set up to help him lead Israel. This group of elders had great authority in that time of History. They handled all the civil court cases. They handled the problems of the Jewish people. The only thing that they were forbidden to do was to preside over capital punishment cases. This had to be done by the Roman authorities.

These people were a family. The problem was that they were not from the line on Aaron as the priest’s were supposed to be. History tells us that this family paid the Roman Government for the position of High Priest

B. The question that was asked. 4:7

NOTE: How did you do this and by what authority did you do this. (In other words how gave you permission and what kind of special power do you have)

C. Peter’s response. 4:8-12

1. His response was through the filling of the Holy Spirit.

NOTE: When we are saved we are baptized by the Holy Spirit and sealed, when we need it and when we are living like we ought to live we get fillings of the Holy Spirit. These fillings help us fulfill the mission and do the ministry God has for us.

2. Peter takes the offense and preaches Jesus.

a. We are here because we did a good thing.

b. We did this in the name of Jesus Christ.

1) The one you crucified.

2) The one God raised from the dead

c. The Prophetic identity of Christ is the rock you rejected but is the chief cornerstone.

NOTE: This is a quote from Psalm 118:22

d. The exclusiveness of Salvation.

NOTE: Salvation only comes through Christ nothing else. Salvation does not come through Buddha, Muhammad, the Jewish people or religion; it does not come through the church or through a preacher. It comes through the person Jesus Christ.

D. The verdict that was reached. 4:13-18

1. They were amazed.

a. At the boldness the Apostles.

b. At the knowledge of the Apostles.

NOTE: They had no formal education

c. The remembered they had been with Jesus.

2. The healed man gave them no way of accusation against them. (It was not a hoax)

3. The sentence, “do not mention Jesus any more”.

E. The response of the Apostles: We have no choice but to speak about the things they have seen and heard.

NOTE: After this they could have taken them to prison however the religious leaders where scared of the people and an uprising against them. So they threatened them farther.

III. Their release: 4:23-31

A. The praised God

B. The prayed to God

1. For His will to be done

2. For themselves to have boldness to speak the word.

3. For signs, wonders and healings in the name of Jesus.

C. The prayer was answered.

1. The place was shaken, the power of God.

2. They were filled with that Holy Spirit. It takes the filling to be a part of Miracles signs and wonders.

3. God gave them Boldness

IV. The Community of faith. 4:32-37

A. They gave up their rights of ownership. 4:32

B. The greatness that was seen. 4:33

1. The Apostles had a great power to witness the resurrection.

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