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Summary: The spiritual condition and spiritual location of the children of God in the world.

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Began, birth, commence, start; these are all words that are refreshing and optimistic. Whether, they are used to refer to the beginning of a new day, the birth of a child, the commencement of a long awaited vacation, or the start of a symphony, these words are full of promise and free of problems. They stir hopes and awaken visions of the future. Genesis means beginning or origin, and it unfolds the record of the beginning of the world, human history, family, civilization, and salvation.

In the book of Genesis, we are told the story of God’s divine purpose and righteous plan for His creation, His creatures, and man. In the book of Genesis, the person and nature of God is revealed. In the book of Genesis, the position and characteristics of men are shown. Accordingly, the consequences of sin are revealed forcing the promise and assurance of salvation to come forth.

The book of Genesis begins with God. It begins with God creating the world in a majestic and awe inspiring display of power and purpose. This brought about the birth of man and woman in the Garden of Eden. God had specifically created them in His image and likeness. Nevertheless, sin enters the world and man is hurled into meeting Lucifer. Because of this, creation is soon shattered and man’s fellowship with God is torn apart.

Although Genesis is full of intriguing stories, let us examine the characters and events of the most dramatic love story ever written. Cast in the position of leading man and woman is none other than Adam and Eve. God had created them to tend the garden, care for one another, and to have dominion over everything God had created. Cast in the role, as villain of this story is none other than Lucifer. However, he disguises himself as a snake in the grass. This same Lucifer played a major role in trying to overthrow God.

There is something needing to be mentioned before we continue with this story. We need not fear Lucifer because the Scriptures inform us that he has already been defeated. Nevertheless, we must respect who he was, is, and what he stands for now. Lucifer is a spirit. He is an angel made by God. Because he turned against God, there is nothing good or nice about him. Lucifer is a jealous, crafty, and very dangerous spirit. He is also a very intelligent spirit.

Lucifer knew if he came as himself, he would be recognized and his plans spoiled. The Scriptures informs us that Lucifer can be a roaring lion or an angel of light. However, this time he came as a simply snake in the grass. Lucifer used something familiar to man to get to man. Lucifer knew that man had named the snake in Genesis 2: 19-22. He knew the snake would not scare them away, because they knew the snake. Today, he is getting to us in the same way.

He uses things, ideals, thoughts, and people we are familiar with, use to, and know to get to us. He talked Judas into selling Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. Lucifer uses the ideal of racial superiority to kill millions of innocent people. He uses the concept of the right to bear arms and the practice of more firepower, more peace to destroy our peace and make this world a dangerous place to live.

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