Summary: The removal of sin in our lives adds blessings


Proverbs 25: 4-5

Dross is imperfection on a piece of silver. Notice on this cup, the tarnished areas on it. Notice the shiny, pure areas. Our heart is much like this piece of silver. When sin infiltrates our heart, mind, and life, we are filled with dross. When Jesus is infiltrating our heart, mind, and our lives, our heart is pure.

* Sin adds up – the results are not good!

In Isaiah chapter 1, Judah is a sinful nation, full of iniquity! In verses 10-31, a call to repentance is issued for the people of the nation. Instruction is given to become what God wants them to be. We run into the dross in verses 22 and 25. God can and will take away the dross if we will allow Him to.

Malachi 3:2-5 tells us that God will be sitting on His throne as a refining fire to purge all of the sins from the silver and gold. In other words, we need to strive to be more like Him everyday of our lives. Notice what happens in verse 5. Judgement day is coming. Are you ready to meet Him in the condition that you are in today?

* Subtraction of sin leads to positive results

Romans 12: 1 tells us to be a living sacrifice acceptable unto God. We are not to be of the world. We are to be transformed of God, not of the world.

Psalm 51 is David’s confession of his wrong doings. He fully comes to God with a contrite heart and spirit. He fully gives it all (his life) back to God. Notice two things that come out in this passage:

I. Create in me a Clean Heart.

We must first ask for God to remove the sin from our heart -–truly mean it. The dross adds up to where we are ineffective in everything we do.

II. Restore unto me the joy of my salvation.

After subtracting the sin by repentance, we must ask for the addition of God’s love, power, and joy! We serve a God who will give comfort, joy, and power to overcome sin. Notice what he prays for in 13, he desires to help show others the way of the Lord, not the way of the world. AMEN! Our main goal as Christians should be to reach the lost world! Often times, we come to church and do the following: sit, talk, listen, sing, pray, and sleep. We should be in this order:

a. Pray

b. Worship through Song

c. Pray

d. Worship through giving

e. Worship through the preached word

f. Worship and rejoice for the decisions that will be made.

David was anticipating for God to use him. Why can’t we let God use us.


I. Sin “muddies” up our lives

a. Controls our speech

b. Controls our actions

c. Controls our outlook

II. Sin leads to a miserable life with no direction

III. Sin leads to death (physically and spiritually)

Look at Ephesians 4: 14-32


I. Christ clears up your life.

a. He cleans up our speech

b. He controls our actions

c. He controls our outlook

II. Christ leads to peace.

III. Christ leads to eternal life.

What about it? Are you like the silver with tarnish all over it. Muddied up with years of sin and shame? Be like David, ask God to take care of your problems. Do you have folks in your family who fit condition #1 – pray for them. Christians, are you living for Christ daily? God wants us to live a sin-less life. Along the way, we will slip up. It is our responsibility to walk the walk and talk the talk. Are you walking daily by His side.

Are you saved? If not, you can add eternal life and subtract eternal life in a Devil’s Hell? Ask Jesus to come into your heart. It’s easy and we’ll show you how. Don’t let the dross of your life keep you from coming to know the love of Jesus Christ.

Addition by subtraction. By subtracting the sin, we add blessings. By adding sin, we subtract blessings.

Where are you at tonight?

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