Summary: We are adopted and clothed heirs of Jesus. A look at Galatians 3:25-4:7

As most of you know, for the past 3 weeks we have been in the book of Galatians & today, we pick up in chapter 3 verse 25-4:7.

I have been so ecstatic all week to share this good news with yall. As I was studying and preparing I felt the Holy spirit so strong and I felt like I was getting revelation after revelation and it’s nothing new. It’s all here, I’ve read it before but WOW! Have you ever read something 10x’s but that 11th time you see something you didn’t see before? That’s how I have felt this week.

This morning’s text is going to blow your mind. It did mine! But before we jump in, lets review what we already know:

1. We know that is was written by Paul formerly known as Saul because he was dedicated to killing the early followers of Jesus in the area of Jerusalem. Then meets the resurrected Jesus and like most of us his life is dramatically and radically changed.

2. 13 (some would even argue 14) of the 27 books in the New Testament have traditionally been attributed to Paul

3. He clearly had a lot to say, we read in his writings that he is passionate about the Gospel, about justification by faith, about the Church.

4. See Paul was a Church planter at heart and what we know about this letter is that Paul starts a Church in Galatia

and then moves on to other missionary journeys and THEN gets word that the Gospel he preached is now being tweaked.

A little bit of law and a little bit of culture, among other things are being added to what Paul taught.


The book of Galatians is really a letter to the Church in Galatia written by Paul. His main theme throughout the letter is that the Gospel is and has to be enough.

That we are saved by Grace and nothing else.

The Galatians had a lifestyle before Christ and then they accepted the good news of the gospel

But what they were doing was taking their old lifestyle and their new life style and mixing them together..

Pauls like “no” you cant work hard enough to get to Christ, you are justified by grace alone.

ENTER: Jesus who was sent and was the ultimate sacrifice for us. No law is needed. No extra anything from us

Today’s scripture: Lets read 3:25-4:7

My tagline for us this morning is going to be:

“Adopted and Clothed Heirs”

And that is exciting and radical news, and we are going to unpack why in just a bit…


Ever since I was a little girl I have always been interested in the clothes people choose to wear. I find it fascinating the things people spend money on and how fashion is such a big part of who we are.

Now, don’t hear me wrong this morning. I have zero fashion sense.

I can’t keep up with whats in... MC Hammer pants were in in the 80’s and 90’s but then I thought they left us for good, but now their back.

I grew up thinking you wanted to match but you don’t want to be too matchy matchy and now people wear one pattern jumpsuits that give you a headache or they just don’t match at all.

So I just don’t get it, but I remember at a young age my grandmother always buying really nice clothes. Top of the line suits and dresses and shoes. Everywhere we went people would compliment her on what she was wearing.

My uncle was an iron worker and wore torn t-shirts, old jeans and suspenders to work and he was know for his hard work. You knew by looking at him that he worked hard.

My father was a correction officer and he wore a really nice, crisp uniform and everywhere we went, people gave him respect and he acted a certain way when he wore his suit. He was very professional and upstanding. I knew that when he was wearing his suit, he was also carrying a gun. So great responsibility came with wearing his uniform.


So at a very young age, I knew that often times what people wore, was an expression of who they were or thought they were.

Even the reporters ask “who are you wearing” at red carpet events. Because it’s important to many people know who they decided to represent that night.

When I was baptized in 2001 I remember reading this Galatians 27 passage and thinking “what the heck does being clothed with Christ mean?” Do I have to start dressing like a nun and wear turtlenecks? Literally the year after I became a believer I gave up 2 piece swimsuits. I didn’t put on a 2 piece until about 3-4 years ago! -I’m not even kidding.

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