Summary: A call to bravely answer God’s call on our lives

Aim High and Be All You Can Be because It’s Not Just a Job, It’s an Adventure!

Judges 6:11-23

Introduction: Marine recruiter story. “There are probably only 2 or 3 of you in this room who are good enough to be Marines. You know who you are. I’ll see you after this.”

I. God’s Call

A. Gideon was afraid, - but God found him anyway.

1. The winepress was in the ground – you had to go down into it.

2. We are naturally afraid and we feel unworthy when we encounter God, because we realize how sinful and unworthy we are. Isaiah 6:5 – “Woe to me! I cried. I am a man of unclean lips and I live among a people of unclean lips and my eyes have seen the King, the Lord Almighty.”

a. ILLUS p.302 – “Waterfalls and canyons are awe-inspiring, but these are simply part of the creation.”

3. We feel weak, but God doesn’t see our weakness, He sees our potential with Him in our hearts.

a. ILLUS p.294 – “Why are we afraid? We’re on a royal mission, we serve the King of kings.”

b. ILLUS – God sees our potential. “Oak trees in an acorn.”

4. God offers us peace (grace) though we are unworthy.

B. God often calls the “least” of His people.

1. These accomplish the greatest things.

a. Saul

b. David

c. Jesus called fishermen, not Pharisees.

2. Perhaps the least people are more focused on God and are less focused on self.

II. Our Answer

A. Gideon asked for a sign – what we should do is ask for God to change our hearts. That’s the best sign there is.

1. God’s Word is His sign to us.

B. God is patient.

1. He said “I will wait”.

2. He always waits for us to come to Him.

a. This applies to our first time, and every time thereafter. – ILLUS p.600 – “Why did you offer to help that person 20 times? Because the first 19 times didn’t work.”

C. He will only accept total commitment as an answer. – ILLUS p.217 – “Would you advise Christians to do something for the Lord? No I would advise them to do everything for the Lord.”

1. Total denial is the only other option.

2. Just like the flesh offering was burned into nothing, so must our lives be completely given over to God.

III. Our Faith

A. God does not expect perfect faith but faith in a perfect God.

1. Our task is simply to stay focused on the Will of God.

B. Gideon’s faith was strengthened which enabled him to accomplish great things for God.

1. God is constantly seeking to increase our faith.

2. Our lack of faith is the only limiting factor in what we accomplish for God.

3. Matt 17:20 – “…if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, yuou can say to this mountain, Move from here to there and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

Conclusion: Gideon was hiding to thresh his wheat, but God saw his potential. Don’t hide your faith. Just as wheat is the staff of physical life, faith is the staff of spiritual life. Gideon began as a coward, hiding in the ground, but his increased faith made him a champion. We need to be bold warriors of faith – taking our stand despite the consequences.

If you feel called to a ministry that you are certain will fail, then it’s almost certain God is in it! What are you called to do?

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