Summary: I wish I could say this 100 times! Alert! Alert!

Porous Security!

Ephesians 6:’18 With all prayer and petition pray at all times in the Spirit, and with this in view, be on the alert with all perseverance and petition for all the saints.”

Porous security! The word ‘porous’ speaks volumes of the leaky security in our homes and country! Prime Minister Narendra Modi repeatedly asked the IAF Personnel ‘how it was possible for the terrorist to enter the Panthankot airbase? He said it was a big security lapse and should not have happened’ (after the recent attack at Panthankot airbase on January 2, 2016) Alas! We normally wake up to reality only after a big catastrophe kills many people, not only our nation but also every individual! Terrorist first opened fire on five unarmed Defence Security Corps personnel at 3.30 am on January 2. The terrorists were hiding just five minutes walking distance away from the airbase on tree top since January 1st itself. Ah! So close, yet unaware! Imagine devils entering the nation in the beginning of a new year! This security lapse sends a chill up my spine, does it not?

Friend, the above ‘security lapse’ warns us to be alert! Yes alert! I wish I could say this 100 times! Alert! Alert! I watch parents be so finicky regarding their children, when it comes to cleanliness and safety right from the infant stage; however, I find this wane as they grow into their teens! Why???? Actually, that is the time they need close monitoring, counseling and mentoring, but most of them say, either ‘leave them alone’ or ‘leave me alone’. How sad! This is when children get addicted to drugs, porn, wrong teachings and many other hazardous stuff; this is the stage when parents got to be extra alert. I repeat extra alert! Put them in church youth groups, have family prayer at home, spend time with them, go out with them so that they don’t look ‘outside’ and get bad stuff. Let them have activities like sports, learning music instruments, new language or any other productive stuff so that they burn their energy in a healthy way. Parents watch out! The enemy is out to kill and destroy your children. Remember, the enemies were camped just five minutes walking distance away from the airbase and the security personnel did not know it! How safe are your children? Don’t give them the car, bike and internet access until they are mature enough to handle them. Careful! (circulate this devotion far and wide and warn people)

There are groups of married couples who carelessly wander together on vacations and also have parties at homes. These are church-going, Bible reading Christians; however, many such outings have resulted in adulterous affairs! Be alert! You got to be spiritually alert to identify the Jezebel and lustful spirit.

All the above could be avoided if we stay close to God and be diligent in our spiritual growth. Are you listening? The Bible continuously warns us to be alert and be ready for the second coming of the Lord! While I was conducting weekly meetings in a particular family, I have watched one particular Christian lady leave behind her Bible in the shelf where the meetings were held and pick it up when she attends the meeting once a week. The Bible is shelved all the other days! No wonder Christian homes turn into war zones rather than like still waters! Stay alert!

1 Peter 5:8 “Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”

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