Summary: Jesus Christ is alive and risen!

This entire Easter message series includes:

#1 - Betrayed and sentenced - John 18:1 - John 19:6

#2 - Dead and Buried - Matthew 27:27-61

#3 - Alive and Risen - Matthew 28:1-10


Jesus Christ was betrayed and sentenced to death. He was beaten and hung on a cross. He died upon that cross and was placed inside of a tomb. Now we come to the climax of our three-week study. The resurrection of Jesus Christ! But what is so important about this message? Why is it so critical that we understand the resurrection? I think John MacArthur explained it best:

“The world has heard many important messages. The world has learned many great truths. The world has experienced many dramatic and life-changing events. But not any one of them nor all of them combined can come close to the significance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Nothing in the history of the fact, not everything in the history of the world can match for significance the reality that Jesus was raised from the dead.

In the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the heart of the Christian faith. Christianity is a belief, is a series of truths and doctrines and principles that rise and fall on the resurrection of Christ. When Jesus rose from the dead, He proved Himself to be exactly who He claimed to be. When He rose from the dead by the power of the Father, He was affirmed to have accomplished what He came to accomplish. And in 2 Corinthians 4:14 it says that as God raised up Jesus from the dead, so also shall He raise us up. Ours is a belief in resurrection life and that is built on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Because He lives, we shall live also".

I. THE WOMEN CAME – Matthew 28:1

A. Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to see the tomb. If we look at the other gospels we see that there was actually a small group of women.

B. Why were they there?

1. To anoint the body with spices.

a. Because, this being the third day, they knew the body would soon start to decay.

2. Because they loved Jesus.

C. Why weren’t they there?

1. They did not come expecting to see the risen Lord or an empty tomb.

NOTE: Where were the disciples? Why didn’t they come to the tomb that day?


A. This is the second earthquake in three days, the first one coming after Jesus died.

B. What was the reason for the earthquake? Because Jesus had risen? Because the stone had been moved? No. The earthquake was caused by the arrival of the angel.

III. THE ANGEL CAME – Matthew 28:2-8

A. The earthquake marked the angel’s arrival?

1. “And, behold, there was a great earthquake: For the angel of the Lord descended from heaven…”

B. What did he look like?

1. His countenance (face) was like lightning.

a. A symbol of the brilliance of God’s character.

2. His raiment was white as snow.

a. A symbol of purity, holiness, virtue.

C. Out of fear the guards fell down as dead men.

D. How did the women react?

1. They were afraid. In verse 5 the angel says, “Fear not…”

2. Mary Magdalene left immediately after seeing the empty tomb, apparently never catching sight of the angel – see John 20:2.

E. Why did the angel come?

1. To roll back the stone.

a. Not to let Jesus out of the tomb, but to let the women in.

2. To calm the women’s fears.

3. To tell the women about Jesus.

F. What did he tell them?

1. Fear not.

2. I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified.

3. He is not here: for he is risen, as he said.

4. Come see the place where the Lord lay.

5. Tell his disciples that he is risen from the dead…he goeth before you into Galilee.

After hearing from the angel and seeing inside the empty tomb the women departed to tell the disciples.


A. Having received word from Mary Magdalene that someone had “taken” the body of Jesus, Peter and John ran to the tomb.

B. John arrived first and looked inside.

C. Peter arrived and burst into the tomb.

D. What did they see?

1. The linen clothes.

2. The facial napkin wrapped together in a place by itself.

E. How did they react?

1. John saw and believed.

2. Peter wondered at what had happened – Luke 24:12.

3. They both left to go to their separate homes.


A. To Mary Magdalene – John 20:11-16

1. The two angels appeared in the tomb, one at the foot of where Jesus body had lain and the other at the head. This is a representation of the mercy seat as described in Exodus 25:1-18.

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