Summary: Place Your Bets The Stakes are High Everyone is a person of faith whether they attend church or even believe in God. Faith is trust and we are all trusting in something. We are all betting our life and our future on something. What are you betting on? W

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What does Easter mean to you? What was the best Easter

you’ve ever had?

• This weekend we talked about how everyone is betting on

something when it comes to their life and what they think

about eternity. Do you believe that’s true? What are some

things people bet on?

• Read John 3:1-18.

• Why do you think Nick came to Jesus at night?

• What do you think Nicodemus is betting on? What does

Jesus tell him to bet on? What does this mean for us?

• Some people bet on their “goodness” and others their

“religious works”. Are these good bets? Why or why not?

• How do you know if you’ve made a good bet? How do you

know if you’re trusting in the right things? What are you

trusting in?

• Pray for one another. Next week the teaching is on Heaven

and Hell. Don’t miss it! Invite a friend!

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