Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Family living by God’s design

1. The HEAD of the Home (5:23-33; 6:4)

A. The husband is the leader (v. 23).

B. The husband is the lover (v. 25, 28-33).

1) He is to have a sacrificial love (v. 25).

2) He is to have a serving love (v. 28-30).

3) He is to have a solid love (v. 31).

C. The husband is the liberator (v. 23, 26-27).

2. The HEART of the Home (5:22-24)

A. The manner of submission (v. 22b)

B. The motive of submission (v. 23a)

C. The model of submission (v. 23b-24)

3. The HOPE of the Home (6:1-3)

A. The command (v. 1a)

B. The cause (v. 1b)

C. The consequence (v. 2-3)

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