Summary: Getting the blessings by obeying the Master!

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All Or Nothing

2 Chron. 7:14 & 17-22

One of the most noticeable verses since the attack on our country since 9/11.

*Let me ask you…Where were you and what were you doing when it happened? (discuss)

(Talk about my 9/11 experience on the day it happened)

*The marquees up & down State St. ”God Bless America”

*My first trip to Ground Zero

*Observation Tower/Walkway

*Posters & names on the particle board wall

*All the people saying “Where was God?”

*Al Braca-my friend(In Tower One, Led 50 people to Christ before it fell. He didn’t make it out, but he made it home!)

- As quickly as the need for God arose right after 9/11, the need for God went away. As a nation, we just put Him back in our “Convenient” little box…Until we need Him again.

You know why we did that as a nation?…We’re a selfish nation!

We as a nation think its easier to have a part-time God in our lives & pull Him out of our box when something goes wrong, but how many of us will call on Him when everything is going right?

As popular and as needed that this scripture was on that dreadful day… revival (whether nationwide or personal) didn’t take place due to the UNWILLINGNESS to follow the commands set before us in this scripture.

This scripture has 4 commands in it that have to be followed before God will even make a move. Lets look at these 4 commands






Definition of humility-”Free from pride, dependant on God, concerned for others.

Another def.-Humility…Freedom from a sense of one’s own importance, w/ honest concern for others and personal dependence on God. (Johnny Hunt Quote)

When we humble ourselves, God promises to hear us and respond (Jer. 33:3). And He never breaks that promise, but we need to realize that God puts the responsibility to humble ourselves on us.

(James 4:10 “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will lift you up”)

Seeking humility means that we confess our burdens for the way things are…but often times we fail to realize and remember that our God is the same God of the O.T. and He WILL treat this nation like He treated the nations long ago if 1.injustice, 2.oppression, and 3.unrighteousness continue to thrive. You look in the paper or watch the news & tell me if any of those 3 things stick out to you?

Bottom line…It ain’t about you! It was never about you! Nor will it ever be about you! I learned the hard way-(My music career b4 Christ)


Def- Speaking or communicating w/ God…For a person to pray and really commune with God, one must…

1st- acknowledge God’s existence (Read Gen 1 vv 3,6,9,14,24,26)

2nd-Hope that God knows and cares about you(He does)Deut7:12-15

3rd-Expect that God is able & willing to respond to your prayers(He is) Jer 33:3-Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes it’s no, but you have to call out to Him in prayer. You can’t trust your emotions to get you through, “Trust In The Lord With All Your Heart And”Prov 3:5-6

Bottom line…PRAY! When in doubt? PRAY! In a fix? PRAY! Need an answer that only God can answer? PRAY!

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