Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Theme: "The Antidote For Anxiety"

I. Remove The Anxiety With Prayer (v. 6)

A. The Opponent Of Prayer (v. 6a)

B. The Offering Of Prayer (v. 6b)

1. Give God The Little Things

2. Give God The Large Things

C. The Order Of Prayer (v. 6c-6e)

1. Adoration (v. 6c)

2. Asking (v. 6d)

3. Appreciation (v. 6e)

D. The Overseer Of Prayer (v. 6f)

II. Replace The Anxiety With Peace (v. 7)

A. Witness The Person Of Peace (v. 7a)

B. Witness The Presence Of Peace (v. 7b)

C. Witness The Perplexity Of Peace (v. 7c)

D. Witness The Protection Of Peace (v. 7d-7e)

1. It Will Guard What Fills Your Heart (v. 7d)

2. It Will Guard What Fills Your Head (v. 7e)

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