Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Things that will busy your life, but cause you to miss heaven.


Scripture: Matthew 4:1 -11

I. THE TEMPTATION (to accept all these things).

A. Christ was tempted.

B. You and I are tempted . Satan offers everyone a version of "all these things."

C. Reaction to the temptation?

II. THE TASTE (for all these things).

A. Christ sought to do the things of the Father rather than having bread, kingdoms or glory.

B. What kind of taste do you have?

1. Do you labor for that which will perish (John 6:27)?

2.. Do you have a Gentile taste (Matt 6:32, 33)?

3. Are you seeking the Kingdom (Luke 12:30, 31)?

III. THE TROUBLE (of all these things).

A. Hindering the gospel and choking the Word (Mark 4:18, 19; Luke 8:14).

B. Overcoming the heart (Luke 21:34).

C. Making excuses (Luke 14:18).

D. God will judge what is a reason and what is an excuse (Eccl 11:9; Ezek 16:43).

IV. THE TORMENT (of all these things).

A. Some miss the reason for living (Luke 10:41).

B. Some are entangled (II Tim 2:3-4).

C. Some have made shipwreck (II Tim 4:10).

D. Some lose their souls (Matt 16:26; Mark 8:36; Luke 9:25).

V. THE TRUTH (about all these things).

A. All these things will dissolve (II Peter 3:11).

B. Ye are not your own (I Cor 6:19, 20).

C. Take up your cross (Matt. 16:24, 26).

D. Will you follow (Luke 9:57)?

E. Godliness with Contentment is great gain (I Timothy 6:6).

VI. THE TRIUMPH (over all these things).

Committing all thy works to the Lord (Heb 13:5; Ps 37:5; Ps 55:22; Pr 16:3; I Pet 5:7).

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