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Summary: John’s encouragement to love one another.

All You Need Is Love(?)

2 John 5,6

I. The Beatles told us in the late ’60s, "All You Need Is Love." But is that really all we need?

II. The Beginning of the Commandment

There are many beginnings in the Bible.

A. Genesis 1:1 (The beginning of the world)

B. John 1:1 (The beginning before the world)

C. John 2:11 (The beginning of miracles)

D. Mark 1:1 (The beginning of the Gospel)

This is the beginning John referred to -- the beginning of the Gospel.

III. The Commandment - Love one another

Jesus qualifies the love we should have in John 13:34 -- as I have loved you.

A. Love that Forgives

B. Love that is Beyond Measure

C. Love that is Sacrificial

D. Love that is Eternal

IV. Conclusion: Yes, all you need is love, if it is the right love!

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