Summary: Moving Deeper in Understanding and Hearing from God as He speaks revelation to believers

How many of you would like to have God speak revelation into your life? I believe tonight for some of you, this is going to happen right here before you leave this building. I am excited as we dig deeper into God’s truth for what He is releasing in your lives. I look forward to Sunday nights in sharing His Word.

Several of you have asked, Pastor, why don’t you preach on Sunday mornings what you share with us Sunday nights. Throughout Jesus ministry He continued to bring His disciples up to a level of understanding where many times they were ignorant. He talked about how at times people were blinded to the truth, lacking an understanding of the secret things of God. When He spoke of his death, resurrection and ascension, the disciples did not understand the truth until Jesus had died. There are many in our morning services who can digest what we hear on Sunday nights, but for others, they are not ready yet to receive the full impact of what God is doing and would turn away because they still need milk not meat, and it is Jesus desire that none should perish, so we want to do all we can to reach out and meet them at a point of contact, not only with the Spirit and Truth of the Word, but with you and I developing relationship and then encouraging them to come out on Sunday nights where we are serving New York Steak. You pray about it and ask God.

Lets press on to get some revelation in our lives.


In reading this prayer of Paul’s, I am captured in several things he is requesting God to do on behalf of the saints. Let me ask, have you put your faith in Jesus Christ? (YES). Do you have a love for the saints, the other believers in Christ? (YES). Then Paul is asking this for you. And what is it he is asking? He is asking God the Father to give you the spirit of wisdom and revelation, he is asking God the Father to open the eyes of your heart, he is asking God the Father to enlighten you. How many of you want that to be happening in your life right now? Then lets pray together this will happen: (PRAYER: Dear Jesus, I want to stand on Paul’s Prayer for my life, place on me the spirit of wisdom and revelation, open the eyes of my heart, and enlighten me to your truths. I want more of you in my life, so pour your spirit out on me right now, in Jesus name, Amen.

How many of you know God is at work right now making this happen in your life? He is doing it because you took a step of faith, and faith is the substance of things hoped for, and we receive from God in the realm of faith before it becomes seen in our lives.

So we have asked God to give us wisdom, revelation, knowledge and understanding and so He has, receive.

Let me show you how this works, it superceded our own understanding. In Luke 5 we reading of Jesus calling the first disciples. Two boats at pulled up to shore and the fishermen were washing out their nets and Jesus got in one of the boats and sat there teaching the people. When He was finished teaching, He told Simon Peter, Put out into deep water and let down the nets for a catch. Simon told Jesus they had been out all night, they came back in with empty nets, but because Jesus told them to go back out, they would. Have you ever thought, that must have been some powerful teaching in the boat for fishermen to listen to this guy who just walked up and started teaching the people. I mean, if I went down to the locks and told a fishing boat to just push out in the deep water of Puget Sound and let down your nets, I don’t think I would have the same results of obedience. They went out, the nets became so full they almost broke and both boats were so full of fish they just about sank.

Our human understanding would have blown Jesus off. These were seasoned fishermen who knew the best catch was done at night, and last night was not so great a night. Jesus was not a fisherman, but a carpenter, so why listen to him? They knew from their personal experience this was fruitless, but Simon took a step of faith that would change the course of his life. Simon received a revelation word of knowledge, and acted on it instead of allowing the world to dictate its logic and reason which does not work in the spiritual realm of God. When did Simon Peter get the revelation…He got it when he obeyed Jesus, obedience releases revelation.

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