Summary: This is what I call a three “WHAT” message,1. What do you have to do to get alone with Jesus?2. What happens when you get alone with Jesus?3. What are the results of being alone with Jesus?

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You know , when someone is real good at something you’re really interested in you really look forward to and jump at the opportunity to sit down and talk with them about whatever it is you have in common.

Your favorite group or band comes to town to perform. you love the kinds of music or whatever it is they do. You love to meet them, get to know them, talk about what they do.

What if Bill Dance, Jimmy Houston, Roland Martin came to town and was lounging around at the coffee shop with nothing to do and you just happen to bump into him. Would you ask a few questions? Try to pick his brain, get some really hot tips?

If Martha Stewart were to breeze into town and you had a chance to sit alone with her, would you sit down with her?

If Adrean Rodgers or Charles Stanley were to come to your house would you ask them their point of view on some things?

You know I know the feeling. I have people that I love to get alone. Heroes of mine that I would love to get alone with and get deep into whatever it is we have in common. Some that I like, such as some of the ones that I just named, are far away and would be very difficult if not impossible to get to see much less get alone with.

Some heroes and people I admire, mentors of mine are close and I do get to sit down with them and chew the fat with them here and there.

Then there is one friend that I have, a hero of sorts, a mentor. He is very busy. He is a king. He’s all over the world but He always cherishes the opportunity to get alone with me.

This one person is the one I love to be alone with more than anybody else in this entire world. I do not get alone with Him near as much as I should. But He remains faithful anyway.

This person, this hero, this mentor, this king, this friend of mine His name is Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Yes this King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, this Prince of Peace, the creator of all the world is my friend and I love to be alone with Him.

How do I know that He is my friend? Well, He wrote me this little love letter you see, and in this little love letter He put in some little reminders like this. In the book of John 15:12-14 He told me, “This is My commandment. That ye love one another, as I have loved you. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you.

Mark 4:34. Today, for the next few minutes let’s talk about, “ALONE WITH JESUS”.

This is what I call a three “WHAT” message,

1. What do you have to do to get alone with Jesus?

2. What happens when you get alone with Jesus?

3. What are the results of being alone with Jesus?

First of all let’s look at “What We Have To Do To Get Alone With Jesus”. I Mean after all He is the King of Kings. Can just anybody get alone with a person like that? My answer to you my friend would be, No. The first thing you’ve got to do is you’ve got to be saved.

Can a lost person get alone with Jesus? There are only three circumstances that a lost person would ever be alone with Jesus.

1. When Jesus comes along through the convicting power of His Holy Spirit and taps that person on the shoulder, smacks him in the face, or whatever method He uses to get that person’s attention, and says, “ Buddy you’re lost. You’re lost in your sins and you’re gonna spend eternity in Hell unless you confess me as your savior.

2. The second circumstance that a lost person would be alone with Jesus is when that person comes to terms with the fact that he’s lost in his sins and will spend eternity in a devil’s hell and he humbles himself in the holy presence of Jesus Christ and confesses that he is a lost sinner in need of a savior. Then invites Him into his heart and life as savior.

Then he is no longer a lost person in the presence of Jesus but a saved, precious saint of the Kingdom of God alone with Jesus.

3. The third circumstance that a lost person would be alone with Jesus would be at the day of Judgment when there is nobody else there but you and Jesus. None of you friends are gonna be there standing along side you to help see you through this thing. Your mother, daddy, brother, or sister won’t be there to hold your hand for comfort. Then He’ll note that your sins are not covered by His precious, shed blood and He’ll announce to you, “Depart from Me ye worker of iniquity, for I never knew you.”

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