Summary: An easy to remember alphabet list of helpful pray points.

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Alphabetic Prayer Guideposts

Praying at all times in the Spirit. And with this in mind be on the alert with all prayer and petition for all the saints. (Eph. 6:18)

The following is a helpful list of points to pray for other believers. May the Lord help you use these on a regular basis to enhance, empower and enable other believers to grow in all aspects in Christ and bear fruit as they increase in their ability to fulfill God’s will in greater quality and quantity.

"Brethren, pray for us." (I Thes. 5:25)

Be willing to ask others to pray these things for you. If people want to know how they can really help you give them this list:

A - Assistance: Ask God for His assistance, empowering and directing in fulfilling His will so that the person will operate under the Biblical obedience and the Spirit’s control.

B - Boldness: Pray that the person speaks the word of God with boldness, confidence and articulative effectiveness.

C - Comfort: Ask God for comfort when one is discouraged, broken-hearted or stressed out. Pray that the Lord will help them trust and obey regardless of the opposition.

D - Direction: Ask the Lord that the person will sense God’s specific direction in activities, ministries and relationships.

E. Encouragement: Ask God to send someone or something to the person to allow the person to be a blessing to many. Trust God for the renewing of the joy of the Lord as their strength.

F. - Family: Pray that the person will guide their family in the way of God’s word, will and way.

G. Glory to God: Pray that the person will live each day to glorify God and obey His will.

H. Humility: Ask God that the person will develop a godly sense of humility and reject pride.

I. Insight: Ask God that the person will see people and things from God’s perspective.

J. Joy: Pray that the person will be full of joy from the Lord in all situations.

K. Knowledge: Pray that the person will desire a knowledge of God’s word and want to apply it wholeheartedly and with obedience.

L. Love: Ask God that the person will labor out of godly motives, not to please other people or live hampered by the fear of men.

M. Motivation: Pray that the person will be a vessel of God’s love to others.

N. Needs: Pray that the person will find all their needs met according to the riches found in Christ.

O. Open Doors: Pray that the person will find opportunities to fulfill God’s purpose for their life.

P. Prayer Partners: Pray that the person will find a prayer partner(s)who will regularly intercede with them. Trust God for a community of believes for them to fellowship with and be accountable to.

Q. Quiet Time: Pray that nothing will keep the person from experiencing personal renewal and maturity in all dimensions of life in their Biblical devotions and prayer time.

R. Revival: Ask God to work in the person’s life so they may experience spiritual revival in all things and at all times.

S. Servanthood: Pray that the person will do their work with a servant’s spirit as Christ came not be served but to serve and to give His life a ransom for many.

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