Summary: Allowing God to tailor Our Lives to fit his personal specifications.

Altered By The Altar

Leviticus 6:8-13 Hebrews 13:10

Alter = To make some change in, to make different in some particular way

Altar = A high place, a place of sacrifice, worship, or communion, and elevated place.

The word Altar comes from the word mizbeah and appears some 396 times in the old testament. It also appears 162 times as the word zabah which means to slaughter. In Genesis 8:12 Noah builds the first recorded altar. Altars were constructed of stone, wood, earth, gold but all were built for either sacrifice or worship. (occasionally for a memorial)

The altar was a place that was to be visited daily. The priest visited the altar every morning and every evening. It was a hallowed place that demanded reverence, called for Holiness, and plead for commitment. The altar was the place where man met God and God met man.

In the new testament Christ became our altar. He became the way by which man could access God. If Christ reigns in our heart we have an abiding altar. He alone has power to change and alter our lives. The altar was a place of change. One cannot continually visit the altar without being changed by the communion with God. We must allow Christ to tailor our lives as he wishes at the altar of commitment.

No man has power to change their heart without the aide of God. The altar is a place where broken lives are mended, shattered dreams are renewed, and sinful hearts are cleansed. For it is here and here alone that we allow Christ the right of ownership to our hearts to alter them as he wishes; Thus making us the Christians that we need to be.

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