Summary: I’m Amazed By God’s Gracious Mercy. In His mercy He saved us and we do not receive the punishment we deserve. We deserve to spend eternity in hell, but we are saved and we are delivered by His mercy

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Amazed by The Stream of God’s Grace

We continue in our series on Supernatural Springs and this month our focus is The Stream of God’s Grace.

So, my question for you this morning is:

Are you Amazed by God’s Stream of Grace?

Amazement is defined in the dictionary as “a strong feeling of astonishment or wonder”.

But, What is grace?

To understand what Grace really is, I need to give you quick lesson in Hebrew and Greek to help you understand what the meaning of the word we translate as Grace is.

An Old Testament Hebrew word describing God’s grace is chesed. This word speaks of deliverance from enemies, affliction, or adversity. It also refers to enablement, daily guidance, forgiveness, and preservation.

The New Testament Greek word is Charis.

It focuses on the provision of salvation.

In the New Testament grace refers to God’s love in action towards people who deserve the opposite of His love.

Grace means God moving heaven and earth to save those who are unable to save themselves.

Grace is God sending His only perfect sinless Son to die on the cross so that we, the sinful ones, the imperfect ones, the guilty ones can be forgiven, reconciled, and restored to a relationship with Him.

Grace is our righteous and Holy God promising us a place in Heaven when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour.

Grace is the unmerited favour of God.

G-R-A-C-E, God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.

All of us should be amazed by God’s Stream of Grace flowing into our lives every day.

The Grace of God brings, guidance, forgiveness, power, protection and love into our lives every day.

God in His grace, in His mercy, in His love brings change and transformation into our lives every day.


I’m sure most of us know the song Amazing Grace. The song was written by John Newton who for much of his life wasn’t a very nice person.

Newton commanded a slave ship in the 1700’s and he transported thousands of slaves during his lifetime.

He had no compassion for his cargo and he chained the slaves below the decks to prevent suicide.

600 slaves were laid side‑by‑side to save space, row after row, one after another, and if a slave became ill during the voyage, he was thrown overboard to prevent any infection from spreading.

Everything changed one night when Newton’s ship almost sunk. He gave his life to Christ and spent the rest of his days amazed by the grace of God.

At the age of 82, it is recorded that he said, “My memory is nearly gone, but I remember two things, that I am a great sinner, and that Christ is a great saviour.”

Well past his “retirement” age, Newton needed an assistant to help him stand in the pulpit on Sundays. He was nearly blind and spoke only in whispers, but nothing could keep him from preaching while he still had breath

One Sunday, while delivering his message he repeated the sentence: “Jesus Christ is precious.”

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