Summary: Saying so be it to whatever God wills for us.


Jeremiah 11:1-5

The three words so be it are translated from the original Hebrew as amen (aw mane). The amen from the prophet was not directed at only the land flowing with milk and honey but contrariwise to the content of the entire passage. Every precious promise in God's word is contingent upon ones obedience to the commandments of the word.

You are not heir to the promise of God unless you are submissive to the covenant of God. 11 times in Deuteronomy 27 a verse started with a curse and ended with all the people saying amen. True Christians will amen God even if he speaks to the them in rebuke. Faith is not testifying to God's power after being healed; faith is stating your unwavering confidence in God while on the table of diagnosis.

Is the warped ideology of a neo-Pentecostal society dictating our response to God? Do we love him for his provision or for who He is? Do we worship only while being revived or do we reciprocate his love even in difficult times? Do we have an amen when God points us to the thorns of life or only when God points us to the roses of life? He would have never been stripped, beaten, and afflicted if we were not to have need of the atonement that he was purchasing.

Victorious Christians have a spontaneous amen to every act that God preforms in their lives.

Example: Rev. L. L. Collins singing the Jack Coe theme song during a time of great physical and mental illness.

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