Summary: There are some people who are never bothered to find out the root cause of the problems and make an effort to change!

Amend your ways!

Jeremiah 7:3 “Thus says the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel: Amend your ways and your deeds, and I will let you dwell in this place.”

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At last I got the right texture of dough for the ‘murukus’ that I was never able to get right in the past! ( Murukus are traditional snack of Tamil Nadu, a city in India.) I thought ‘murukus’ are not my forte, until the day I got to learn the right mixture of dough adding right quantity of water along with other ingredients that makes the dough soft but the murukus golden brown and crispy. Did you hear that? The dough is very soft but the murukus are crispy! That’s the secret! Now, I got to see a cook do this efficiently and quiet coolly, quickly I got the recipe written down but the mixing of the dough with the right quantity of water comes only when you’re on the job. I got it! Friend, you can either look around, find the right way and change your way for making better stuff or else you can sit your whole life through adamant and proud, making the same old, hard, rotten murukus! Are you listening? Choice is yours! When I travel and stay with believers, if the food is interesting I learn the recipe and thus I now have lot of exotic recipes up my sleeve! There are some people who are never bothered to find out the root cause of the problems and make an effort to change! Those of you who have been reading my devotions for quite some time, do know my flair for cooking!

If you want delicious, sumptuous, mouth-watering and lovely golden brown murukus like the ones that I made, then you need to throw away the ‘old method’ and adopt the ‘new method’. You got to learn it! Are you listening?

• The man who watches pornography and is very well aware that it is an atrocious sin in the eyes of God, continues to do it presumptuously making no effort to sever the habit. Now, if you are reading this devotion, let me tell you, it needs aggressive effort to come out of it. Fast, attend good fasting prayer meetings, read the Bible, get counselling and help from Servants of God. Reach out! Most important, get away from it.

• If you have failed once in a relationship, jumping into another is not the answer! Are you listening? Seeking comfort and love outside God is not going to work out. Find out where you have erred, find out where you have grieved God, find out where you got to make changes, seek the peace that is offered by God rather than looking out for another woman or man. Catastrophe would be the net result, if you are going to jump from one relationship to another. Bishop T.D.Jakes said: “Your destiny is in your next decision!

• Making changes in your lavish spending and reckless money management is paramount if you want to be blessed financially! No magic wand will shew away the debts! Bless God with your finances, stop making thoughtless and hasty purchases and carefully manage your finances!

Make changes! Praying together every day is a good start for a strong bond in relationship between husband and wife. Sitting in the beauty parlor for several hours and posting 1000 photos on Facebook is not going to keep you both together – start praying together. This is not going to be easy, work hard on it.

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