Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: What it takes for America to be a blessing to God

1. The REASON for Blessing God (v. 11-13)

Judgment would come to Israel, and when it did, they would need to bless God.

Why America needs to bless God: we abort a child every 24 seconds; marriage and family are being redefined; our schools are under assault.

2. The REQUIREMENTS of Blessing God (v. 14a)

A. We must be humble in order to bless God

B. We must pray in order to bless God

C. We must seek God in order to bless God

D. We must repent in order to bless God

3. The RESULT of Blessing God (v. 14b-15)

A. God will hear our prayer.

B. God will honor our repentance.

C. God will heal our land.

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