Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: In the face of America’s current trend to deny God where can we find comfort.

America Has Gone Too Far!

A nation of people that have no fear of God.

Amos 7:1-13

Date: November 6, 1998

Intro: The elections of this past week have proven clearly that America has no fear of God. I rarely preach messages addressing current events or politics, but I feel compelled to preach this morning on the lack of fear of God in this nation and what will surely happen to this country.

I often see T-shirts and stickers with the words "No Fear." I thought for a long time it was the name of a rock group. But I learned this week it is the name of a company associated with motor sport racing and NASCAR. I suppose that this is the slogan of those who are racing....they are to drive and compete with NO FEAR. I suppose it is an exciting slogan for the sports fans, but it would have deadly consequences if the drivers had no fear of speed, crashing, burning and death. It is even worst when a nation’s people turn their backs to God and have no fear of Him and His judgment.

I. Jeroboam II, A King Who Had No Fear of God.

A. Jeroboam II was the King of Israel who ruled 41 years and truly a man who had no fear of God. He united idolatry of worshiping golden calves and immorality with the worship of Jehovah (Hosea 4:13; 13:6). The worship of God had degenerated into mere ritualism devoid of righteousness and morality (Amos 4:4; 5:5,21-24; 8:14). Yet God said,

"I hate I despise your feast days, and I will not smell in your solemn assemblies. Thou ye offer me burnt offerings and your meat offerings, I will not accept them: neither will I regard the peace offerings of your fat beasts. Take thou away from me the noise of thy songs; for I will not hear the melody of thy viols."

B. Amos’ prophecies shed light on the increase of commerce and wealth in Jeroboam’s realm and its consequent luxury and moral deterioration.

Interestingly during his reign the country flourished. He won wars against Syria, and put her cities under tribute along with Moab and Ammon. The tribute from these conquered territories poured in, creating a wealthy class that was utterly selfish and unscrupulous (Amos 2:6; 8:6). Simple dwellings of unburned brick gave way to "houses of well-hewn stone." It shows you cannot judge prosperity as being a sign of God’s approval.

C. Does this have a familiar ring to it? Is not America flourishing today? The whole nation is in a boom. Polls after the election this week showed that the American people are interested in little else but their material prosperity. The country is supposedly doing well financially, so morality is not important. It is what the politician does economically that is important...not his moral character.

1. The American people voted for party of the abortionists, the homosexuals, and moral depravity. The economy is doing OK...so murdering unborn babies in their mother’s wombs is alright.

This week a revolutionary new medical technology was announced. Medical scientist say that they have discovered "stem cells" in human embryos which can be used to grow new cells in the body. This is a wonderful new discovery because these "stem cells" soon can be grown to replace any organ or part of the body. Billions of dollars will be made with this new technology. The company that made the discovery’s stock soured in the last few days. What they .they fail to explain to you is where they get the stem cells. Stem cells come from the brains of living human babies seconds before they would otherwise be born healthy. They are "Harvested".... (that’s their word for it).... from living viable little babies brains using what it called partial birth abortions.

ILLUS: During the election this pass week, Colorado had a referendum on their ballot concerning partial birth abortion. The state several years ago placed a ban on partial birth abortions. However, last Tuesday, the people of Colorado spoke loud and clear about how they feel about the matter of killing little unborn babies in this most horrible way seconds before their birth. They voted overwhelmingly to removed the ban.

2. Shocking!?!?......Not really....not to the American people?...not to a people who are in an economic up turn. Inflation is down, unemployed less that 3%. We are doing great! Killing unborn babies makes perfect sense because their is a lot of money to be made. We are a very enlighten society now and the most civilized nation on earth.

ILLUS: In Salt Lake City, Utah, the Mormon capitol of the world, one strongly Democratic district, elected a open lesbian to the City Commission. Her "partner" was happily by her side during the preelection parties. (These are the folks who claim they are conservatives and morally superior people of the LDS church) She told a reporter, "She knew her district." Even before the election she was projected to win because her opponent was a Republican; her district was mostly Democrat. Her opponent in an interview this morning said he was not the type of person who "gay based" and he would do all he could to support her. No wonder he lost the election! At least with her you knew outwardly what she was.

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