Summary: The World Trade Center/Pentagon Destruction and America’s future create apprehension; what is the Christian’s understanding of these things?

Americans in Crisis And God’s People


1. The events of the past week have tried us all; it has also brought out the good and bad in our society.

2. The good: no looting, volunteers, blood donations, and prayer meetings…

3. The bad: some people hardly watching it, watching videos instead disconnected….

4. Perhaps no incident has separated those who are part of our country from those who merely live in the U.S.

5. But it is also a test of our theology…

6. Some Christians believe that "turning the other cheek" is the only verse in the Bible and ignore the many numerous verses that deal with issues like revenge, war, and the question, "Is Jesus a variation of Mr. Rogers or not?"

7. For years I have warned you, "Learn all the Bible, not merely the parts that seem relevant. You never know what you’ll need."

8. Here is a case in point. Who among us would expect that the U.S. would be on the verge of war—even one week ago?

9. So does your theology include Psalm 79? Are you embarrassed by Psalm 5?

MAIN IDEA: As we try to understand what happened last week, as we stagger as though whacked in the head with a 2 by 4, our spiritual savings account is something we can draw from. Today let’s also add a deposit.

TS------- Let me address several questions that naturally come up.

I. Why Has God Allowed This Great Tragedy?

1. He did not cause it, but He allowed it—He could have stopped it…

2. This is a question we have probably repeatedly ask…

---all powerful, all knowing, loving…Rom. 8:28

3. God’s plans are long and drawn out; we only see a tiny segment….

(1) like an oil painting up close—right on it—nose is touching it….

(2) Psalm 90:5

(3) Isaiah 55:9

4. God might be issuing a wake-up call to the U.S.

(1) Luke 13:1-5

(2) In the media, God is BACK! (taken out of closet, for now)

(3) It will take a long and bitter war for Him to stay back in VOGUE

(4) Take advantage of this God-consciousness—invite, witness

II. How Does God’s Plan for the End Times Fit Into This?

1. Israel, God’s chosen nation at the center

(1) Jeremiah 31:35-37

(2) Rom. 11:25-29

2. Christianity is rooted in Judaism; therefore Christians are caught up in the crossfire between the Israel and her enemies…

3. Armageddon will be the final attempt by the nations of the world to annihilate Israel…

4. The events here are not spoken of in Scripture directly….but who knows where this will lead…

III. Can War or Defending Our Nation Be Consistent With A Christian World View?

1. Much of the Bible is about war (ordered by God)

2. God Himself is called a "Might Warrior." Exodus 15:1-3

3. Some people think "turning the other cheek" is the only verse in the Bible…

(1) Luke 3:14

(2) Luke 22:35-37

4. Christians have a dual citizenship

(1) Heaven (Philippians 3:20)

` (2) Nation (Rom. 13:6)

5. We are NOT to spread the Gospel through force….

(1) Spanish conquistadors

(2) Big difference here between Bible and Islamic belief

(3) Quotation:

6. But justice is a primary concern, so a war we support should be a JUST war…

7. The desire for justice/vengeance is part of the image of God in man—it can be holy (but not always)….Rom. 12; 20, Rev. 6:10

----the whole concept of Atonement and the Law of Moses….justice….

IV. How Should We Direct Our Prayers?

1. Guidance and peace, wisdom for rulers (I Tim. 2:1-6)

2. Peace of Jerusalem – Psalm 122:6

3. Ideal justice (Prv. 17:15)

4. Protection (Psalm 91)


1. Trials are an opportunity to shine or fall apart.

2. As Christians, let’s lead to the way to sane thinking and show the path toward God.

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