Summary: Since 911 we all have become sensitive to the tragedy our nation felt. This terrible series of events have made us all aware of an even greater tragedy and it’s being felt by the Church!

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It was as if it was yesterday. I walked into the Church buildging and our Senior Adult Ministry was meeting that morning and as I opened the door, the Church Adminstrative Secretary said, "Pastor, a plane has hit one of the Trade Center’s towers..."

And you know the rest of the story!

Saddest part to all this is, this wasn’t the first tragedy to hit America nor Americans and it won’t be the last.

Long before 911 the Christian world has been silently suffering a series of horrible events and this has been going on almost unnoticed and unchecked.

Responding to Sept. 11th our President said, "This will make us strong.." and he was right. Tragedy has a way of helping and growing us all and maybe, just maybe the Church too will grow from the tragedy it’s experiencing today!

The Church and the Churchmen are going through a tragedy that could hurt rather than help the greatest organism on planet earth, The Church. The tragedy is three-fold and we’ll examine the first one in this message.

-The Tragedy Of The Unattened Church-

Main Division

I. It’s A Tragedy In Light Of The Fact That Jesus Paid The Greatest Price (Acts 20:28)

II. It’s A Tragedy In Light Of The Fact That Attending Church Was Practice By Jesus (Luke 4:16)

III. It’s A Tragedy In The Light Of The Fact That Attending Church Was One Of The Greatest Joys Of The Psalmist (122:1)

Conclusion: We had a little game we used to play as kids and we used our hands to play it, (illustrate)Today we would say, "Where’s all the people?"

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