Summary: The Bible is not cake to be served only at special occasions, it is bread for daily use. Let’s see why!


Many look at the Bible like cake. Served only during special occasions. But, if the truth be known, it isn’t anything like cake, in all honesty it’s BREAD and to be used for daily use.

Many brag that they have been through the Bible multiple times, but, it isn’t how many times we’ve been through the Bible that counts as does how many times the Bible has been through us!

The greatest tragedy’s in our world is three-fold. In America today the Unread Bible is at the top of the list.

To understand why the Word of God is so important to the Church and every Christian we must first observe these truths concerning the Bible.

Main Division

I. It Is Personal In It’s Ownership (Psa 119:105a)

II. It Is Powerful In It’s Operation (Psa 119:105b)

Conclusion: The Bible, Cake or Bread it’s your choice!

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