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Summary: Americas Last Call

America’s Last Call

(Romans 1:28-2:6)

I’m going to preach a message to you that America doesn’t want to hear. This country has been blessed by the Lord and it has taken advantage of His blessing of prosperity and has turned toward the pursuit materialism. America at this moment is enjoying wealth in all areas of life. I have talked to people from both sides of the camp. In 2008 when we were going through the financial crises and people were losing their homes, crude oil was $147 a barrel, food became inflated, the stock market was in woes and the government decided to print more money and people were saying it was going to get better. It did but friends God was trying to get our attention again but this nation continued on the same path. There was no positive fluctuation toward the Lord as 911 brought and today we are enjoying another prosperous time in the history of the US. People are living comfortably and are saying they are going into the future with high expectations. According to the IRS there are over 87,000 millionaires in the US and Americans are spending over 200 billion dollars a year in exports luxuries. Yet there is still poverty and unemployment but as a whole the US is still going strong in its prosperity. According to US.DEBTCLOCK.ORG which is a real-time debt clock the national debt is over 19 trillion dollars and the numbers are growing by the tens of thousands per second. Go and look for yourself at US.DEBTCLOCK.ORG. Folks we are racing toward economic ruin. Because of our pursuit for wealth and materialism how is it that God can continue to bless a nation like America? This nation is on a course to push God out completely. I hope you will hear this morning by being in tune with the Holy Spirit as I speak to you about what I believe is Americas Last Call. Turn with me to

(Romans 1:28-2:6)

Folks this is where we are as a nation and every person and every nation that refuse God there is a reckoning day coming. The practice of these things spoken of are so wide spread and accepted that we as a nation are ripe for God’s judgment upon us. There is a perpetual movement to remove God from our society. Our government has discussed the topic of removing “In God we Trust” from our currency. We have an ocean of blood from killing millions of unborn babies; we are a nation who kills God’s babies and save the animal. As a nation we have ask God to leave our homes through TV programs that push sex and the using of profanity and the cursing of the name of Christ. The Whitehouse has made it their pursuit to remove all uses of the Bible, the hanging of plaques or anything that has to do with Christianity. Why is it that buda is never cursed, Allah is never cursed but all over the TV and in society the Lord Jesus Christ is profaned and dragged down in the gutter as a common thing? The government has control over the school system and has made laws to allow different genders to use the same restrooms. Teachers are told to refrain from sharing their faith unless the door opens by another student; it’s all an attempt to silence and snuff out Christianity from our society. How many nations do you hear cursing their God, how many nations do you hear of that want to get rid of the religion they were founded on? Folks we are blatantly cursing God to be cursed by Him.

Verse 4 says “Or do you despise the riches of His goodness, forbearance, and longsuffering, not knowing the goodness of God leads you to repentance?” The riches of His goodness mean blessings. God has shown His blessing on us through His riches and yet as a nation we have despised Him. All of our accomplishments are self obtained. Man no longer gives God the credit for what He has or what has been accomplished in his life. Gods’ blessing and goodness toward a nation to give it prosperity is so it might recognize Him as the source of it that it might repent. That’s what it says in verse 4. “not knowing the goodness of God leads you to repentance.”

The question I ask myself and God as Jeremiah did in 12:1 and as King David did in Ps. 73; God why are you allowing this wicked nation to prosper, why are you allowing us to go on the way things are. We have pushed you completely out of our society. We murder, rape, molest little children, violence is heard so frequently that it has become a normal part of society. And we should be asking ourselves, God why are we still living in the prosperity we have today. Folks I want you to know that America is standing on the brink of social economic collapse and this is probably Gods’ last mercy call before His judgment comes upon us and weather you believe it or not its coming.

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