Summary: We will never witness miracles by living in disobedience to God’s call, by doing nothing or by continuing to do what has not worked in the past. We are not called to the safety of the shoreline; but to “put out into deep water, attempting the impossible!

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Luke 5: 1 – 11 An Amazing Catch

Intro: Normally, when your hear someone talk about a person who is really fussy about the way their hair looks, you think they are talking about a woman. Well, I have a confession to make. I was born with this straight thin hair and I always wanted it to be wavy and “cool.” I’ve tried it all: permanents, body waves, dye jobs, short hair, long hair, and everything in between. Recently, when I went to a new person to cut my hair, I said to them that I wanted my hair to look like I just stepped out of the pages of Gentlemen’s Quarterly magazine. I wanted it to look sexy and young. She opened a cabinet door and took out a block of wood on which was written in large letters, “I’m a beautician; not a magician.”

I. I don’t know about you, but I love to watch magic shows and magicians. I’m always amazed at the illusions they can produce.

A. I’m sure there were many who followed after Jesus who were amazed and dazzled by what he did. They must have thought he was quite a magician when he turned water into wine and performed other dazzling feats right before their eyes.

B. There are some today who think that Jesus was just that, a magician, a clever man who fooled a lot of people, who tricked people into believing he was God’s son.

C. Some say that Jesus had keen eyes and could see the school of fish from where he stood and directed the fishermen to them. Whatever you want to believe, it was an amazing catch. (See verses 8 & 9)

II. Was it just a “trick?” Was Jesus just a magician? --- When we look at this passage we may be impressed by the outcome of the story or the size of the catch. Is that the only “miracle” here?

A. James, John and Simon Peter didn’t know that the man who stepped into their boat and into their lives would work a miracle in their lives and they would be eternally changed. They were so deeply entrenched in the routine of their lives. Day after day they cast their nets, drawing them back, sometimes full and sometimes empty.

B. Most of us operate in this same constant state of insanity and don’t even know it. Living in insanity is defined as “continuing to do the same thing day after day and expecting different results.”

C. When I was a kid reading the Bible and going to Sunday church school, I wondered to myself many times, “Why doesn’t God work miracles like the ones Jesus did so long ago?” --- God hasn’t left us. Jesus hasn’t changed. His power is just as real today as it was 2000 years ago. So what’s the problem? Where are the miracles?

III. As impressive as the huge catch of fish was, I think there was an even more impressive miracle. (See verses 4 & 5)

A. “Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch.” --- Peter, It’s time to go fishing again! --- Can you imagine what went through Peter’s mind? “Look Jesus you might be a great teacher and all but I’m the fisherman here. I’ve fished all night for nothing, I’m tired, I’m hungry and I’ve just finished cleaning my nets, and now you want me to go fishing again. I don’t think so! Ain’t goin’ to happen!

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