Summary: This sermon seeks to remove the word "compromise" from the Christian life style. You cannot walk with God and run with devils.....

Scripture: Matthew 6:24

Subject: An Announcement Of Trust

You must make a choice of trust in order to serve God.

You cannot WALK with God and RUN with man can serve two masters, However, in life we often face conflicting situations and many seek to compromise as an easy way out. Recently, President Obama had to reach an agreement on the budget ceiling, only by compromising with the house and the senate. No one really got what they wanted, and what they decided upon want last very long. America will be in the same shape within months. The reason is, "no one can serve two masters." How do we get beyond this compromising state. The text suggests three things.

I. We must make a decision. ( I like to play with words for a better understanding of the text.)

First, the word incision means to cut into but the word decision means to cut off from. In other

words, Following God as master, one must cut off from some people who may not be

traveling in the same direction. There may be some things in one's life that he/she may have to

cut off. Joshua is a good example, he states Choose you this day whom you will serve but "as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord".

II. We must have a sincere desire. (Mark 11:24) Your life will always gravitate to your desire.

Even the devil has a desire. Jesus said to Peter one day, "Peter satan has desired to have

you but I have prayed for you". etc...

III. You must make a Godly resolve. ( your decision and desire will lead you to say, I will not quit, I am sold out to God. Jesus I am going all the way with you. I want to announce daily that I have put my trust in you.

Conclusion: One song writer says it this way, " I have decided to make Jesus my choice, I know that the road is rough and the going gets tough and the hills are hard to climb, but I started out a long time ago and there is no doubt in my mine, I've decided to make Jesus my choice.

Today will you trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all thy ways and He will direct thy path. Amen and amen...

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Davy O

commented on Aug 12, 2014

Laughable sermon, Pastor. By your own standard you are a hypocrite. You completely ignore Jesus' message of love, particularly towards those in mourning for Julion, in favor of those in the congregation who hold the purse strings. Your masters are self-righteousness, pride, spitefulness, duplicity, cowardice, gluttony, money and power. Jesus would not have done to this grieving mother what you have done. He would not have turned her away. He would have embraced her, embraced her deceased son and embraced his friends. Your master, Pastor, is evil itself.

Jay Pressley

commented on Aug 17, 2014

Amen, Davy!

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