Summary: In this sermon, God designed purpose is to get the believer to understand his purpose in ministry and his plan to accomplish his planned tasks.

As we discover the church of today, the church really doesn’t know how to experience the anointing because many sermons have been preached, many stories have been told, and many books have been written, but to give you the true meaning of anoiting, many people can’t tell you because they have the wrong definition.

To define anointing: An unveiling power released after you have been faced with and passed the tests of God.

Many people don’t want to go through nothing, but they want to experience the anointing. I have come to understand that you can’t buy it, you can’t steal it, you can’t get in on clearance, baby, you got to go through something to get the anointing. Don’t let nobody fool you, preachers that we see and hear about didn’t just come on the scenne, baby I declare to you this day that they faced so adversity.

As we look at our text, we find that here we see Paul doing what every christian should experience. Paul is laying hands on the sick, as a matter of fact the scriptures describe Paul as using his handkerchiefs and because of his anointing, his handkerchief was healing the sick. He didn’t go with this fake stuff, he used the power of God that was in him to unveil something. Here, we find that Paul was a persecutor of the church and one was who was against the message of Jesus Christ.

It is amazing how God will take the least and make him or her the greatest. I don’t have to hang around a certain group of people or doing a certain thing to be used by God, all I have to do is stay in the perfect will of God and let his purpose and his plan design my life. Look at your neighbor and tell them: " I am anointed!"

Tonight, I have listed three points that will help you in your walk with God in experiencing the anointing!

Point 1: In order to experience the anointing, you must face adversity. There are some folk that got to lie on you. There are some folk that has got to call you everything but a child of God. There’s some folk that have to step on you and over you so that God can see if you’re ready the anointing. With the anointing come some work and many times people don’t want to put in anything, but expect to get everything out. It doesn’t work like that with God. That is why we got to stop calling God...Satan! Baby, Satan is only a wrench in God’s toolbox, every now and then, God will take him out and send him over there to test your waters because God wants to know that even in the middle of the storm. Even in your mess, and even in your Hell, I still got an anointing that I need to give you because what I placed in you don’t nobody have because you have what it takes to fulfill that which I placed in you, so I know you have forgot that it was me that blessed you with that house you’re living in. I know you forgot it was me that blessed you with that car you’re driving. I know you forgot it was me that blessed you with that job that you have, but I ain’t mad, yes I am jealous, because I am God. I got your number though so before I give you this anoiting that you now are asking for, I really got to allow Satan to test you...Job because, I need to know that until the end you’re going to STAND! You’re Job now and you’re experiencing folk who don’t want to be around you and you’re experiencing family members acting funny, it’s alright because as Job describes, "Though you (Lord) slay me (Job) I am still going to trust you! Shout Hallelujah!

Point 2: You got to know who you serve as well as know yourself. In order to hear from God and experience the supernatural anointing, you got to know who you serve, which is God and who you are, whic is yourself. Many times we are serving someone mama and daddy and grandma told us about. Romans 12:14 lets me know, "So let every man give an account to God for himself." I have come to understand that my mama and daddy can pray all night and day. Until I want to have a relationship with God for myself, it doesn’t matter how much they pray, I got to have God for myself. I got to know that I am serving the GOd whose more than enough and I got to know that when all else fails, I can go to Jesus all for myself and I don’t need nobody but you Lord. You don’t know who you are, that’s why you need to hang around the famous click to understand your identity. You got to act out of your character because people don’t appreciate you for being you because you don’t act and talk like them. This is part of experiencing the anointing. You are going to find that there are several people that are different than you, that’s what makes you shine in God’s eyes.

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