Summary: This message dipicts the nature of Satan as he intertwines his efforts into the Church to hinder its growth.

Scripture: Matthew 13:24 – 30

Title: “An Enemy Has Done This”

Introduction: We find Jesus comparing the “Kingdom of Heaven” to a farmer who had sowed good seed in his field only to find that when the plants came up someone had sowed “Tares” among the wheat.

The ‘bad deed’ occurred while everyone was sleeping, the enemy came under the cover of darkness and sowed ‘tares’ among the wheat.

The ‘damage’ was not discovered until the wheat began to bear its fruit then the difference between it and the tares could be discerned.

When the workers of the field discovered this work of the enemy they came to the “Master” and told Him what they’d found.

They wanted to know if He wanted them to pull up the bad plant from among the wheat.

He told them to let the tares alone until the ‘harvest’ and then they would be separated from the good wheat and bundled up and burned in the fire.

I. THE ENEMY’S DEVICES. (Evil Schemes)

1. Who was this enemy that did this awful thing?

2. In Mt. 13:39 Jesus tells His disciples that the ‘enemy’ is the “devil.”

3. The enemy did this bad deed under the cover of ‘darkness.’

4. The enemy did this while the people were sleeping.

5. The enemy put the BAD seed in among the GOOD seed.

6. The enemy did his dirty work in the ‘fields’ that were prepared for the GOOD SEED.

7. He took advantage of someone else’s hard work.

8. The bad seed enjoyed the “Nourishment” of the rain and care the same as the good seed.

9. Paul the Apostle said in 2 Cor. 2:11, “ . . . we are ignorant of his (Satan’s) devices (Evil Schemes).” – OR are we?


1. Tares were simply, “Weeds” that looked just like wheat until they produced their ‘Fruit!’

2. The difference could not be detected for a long time.

3. They shared the same place.

4. They were pretty much accepted by the casual observer.

5. But eventually they would reveal their true nature.

6. They were really “Counterfeit” wheat. (How do you spot a Counterfeit?)

7. Tares were phonies.

8. Tares were really hypocrites.

9. Their fruit was produced by their innermost part.

10. Their fruit was not FIT for human consumption.

11. If ingested could cause distorted perception, hallucinations!


1. Later on after Jesus had gathered with his disciples in a house He explained the meaning of the ‘Parable.’

2. Jesus told them the ‘enemy’ was the devil. (Mt. 13:39)

3. And Satan is out to destroy and hinder the work of God in any way he can.

4. We need to understand that the FORCE behind all evil and bad things is the devil!

5. Just as GOOD as God is the devil is equally BAD!

6. Jesus referred to Satan as a thief in John 10:10 whose chief aim is to steal and to kill and to destroy.

7. Let us never forget Satan was the one who slipped into the Garden of Eden and caught Eve by herself and led her into disobedience to God and brought sin on the entire human race! (Gen. 3)


(Let them Grow together until the harvest)

1. A number of years ago a T.V. showed a large man named Orson Wells holding a glass of wine in his hand. – As he looked into the camera with an elevated eyebrow, he said, “We will sell no wine before it time.”

2. Only “Time” reveals certain things.

3. In time God will be the ONE that will make the ‘final’ decision as to what is REAL & what is COUNTERFEIT.

4. Only God will determine the time of the ‘harvest.’

5. God is giving the right amount of time for things to come to a head. (Just as the Tares & the Wheat do)

6. God gives us the ability to recognize the difference between Good Fruit & Bad Fruit!

CONCLUSION: Ever since the Garden of Eden Satan has been sowing Tares among the work of God.

Because of this many people have become entangled with these Counterfeits of Satan.

Many non-Christians have be disillusioned by the bad fruit of these phonies within the Church.

Many Christians have been sapped of their strength because of the bad fruit produced by hypocrites in the Church.

The work of the Lord has been made more difficult by having to deal with the Tares within the Church.

Many over-zealous Christians have wanted to uproot the Tares because of the difficulties they cause.

Some have even uprooted the Tares only to find they uprooted some weak Christians with them.

Let us keep our focus on the Lord Jesus Christ and do our very Best to Grow stronger in our Walk with the Lord.

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