Summary: Another message from the "And You Shall Recover All" series dealing with recovering and restoring what the devil has taken from us as a body of believers. Series based on 1 Samuel 30:1-8



JOSHUA 7:1, 10-13

God already has a plan for us to follow so that we may be victorious. He has already designed and set various strategies in order that we may be able to have dominion over the enemy. Although God has set the course, we oftentimes abort God’s plan and God’s strategic design… Perhaps by acting too hasty, we get overconfident and don’t depend on the Lord…

Whatever the case, dependence on human wisdom and impatience are often causes of our defeat, even though Gad has given the victory. Likewise, sin and disobedience can also be the cause for our demise and destruction… Disobedience has been the downfall of mankind since the beginning of time (Satan, Adam, etc). And because God is Holy, He cannot and will not dwell or operate in the midst of sin and disobedience… The Word exhorts us “to come out and separate ourselves from sin…” The text presents to us a prime example of what happens when the actions of one (or a few) effects whole. (Tell the story)

God cannot dwell in the midst of sin… In fact, He will withdraw Himself from the presence of His people as long as they continue to operate in it…! The text informs us that Israel could not progress in the things of God (defeat the enemy) until they removed the accursed thing that was among them (v13).

The word accursed comes from the Greek word, cherem (khay’-rem) which denotes a dedicated thing; things which should have been utterly destroyed, that were appointed to utter destruction, devoted thing. The accursed thing was the sin that Achan committed. God had made it clear that the spoils of Jericho were to be dedicated to Him and placed in the treasury, (Joshua 6:24) but the actions of one caused the downfall of an entire nation.

Consequently, the actions of one or a few can cause the sorrow and failure of a family or an entire church.... I believe that we, the church of today, the modern day Israelites have reached that specific juncture in our quest for the Promise Land (Heaven) whereby we cannot move forward or progress in the things of God because (title)....

There’s an enemy in the midst of the camp that is staggering and stunting the growth of God’s people... Someone or something has been able to infiltrate the body of Christ and halt the forward progression of the church in Kingdom Business...! And because the enemy has been able to infiltrate, God has said, “I can’t dwell among you... I’m not going to fool with you while you’re in this mess..!” Consequently, because God has withdrawn Himself, we can’t operate effectively as a local body, and our testimony becomes null and void..! (v13) “You cannot stand against your enemies until you remove it.”

(Who is the enemy…?)

The enemy is one who is not in line with God’s program… One who is against the Spiritual Authority that has been placed over them… One who is against the Pastor…! You see, God has established an order in His house, just like you have order in your house (I hope?!), It’s God, then the Pastor, then the Ministers, the Deacons, the officers, etc. (You get the picture) God has established an order…!

The Office of the Pastor is the Spiritual Head that God has placed in the church (Eph 4:11-12)… So you obey him not because you like him, but because he’s your Pastor appointed by God, and entrusted with the care and watch over your soul. God said, “I will give you pastor’s after mine own heart…” And whom He calls or sends, He qualifies…” (I think I need to stress that…! Ain’t nobody making you sit up under this ministry, if you don’t like it, there’s the door, but be sure God’s telling you to go…)

When we buck the Spiritual Leadership, we are in actuality bucking God…! And by bucking God, you hurt yourself… No matter what you think, how you feel, or what your motives are… You don’t hurt God, you hurt YOU! God will have His way (repeat) Why...? Because (1) God rules and (2) where he does not rule, He overrules…!

You ain’t hurting God. Because when you jump out of a window, you don’t break gravity, you break your neck…!

And when you buck the will of God, you don’t hurt God, you hurt yourself! Furthermore, by bucking the will of God, you take a chance on bringing ultimate destruction and defeat to the camp (the church)…!

That’s what Achan did, in fact he was referred to as Achar, which means ‘the troubler of Israel, who transgressed in the accursed thing… (v1)’ Look at somebody right now and tell them, “There’s An Enemy In The Camp…. Achan is in the house tonight… Are you a friend or foe…?”

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